Cosplay Just Looks Goofy

What sucks about anime? Everything of course, but one of the stupidest fucking things about anime is cosplay. Cosplay is retarded. But if you tell an anime fag how stupid cosplay is, he/she say "Oh yeah, well Star Trek nerds go to conventions in costume and no one thinks that's stupid!"

Notice how the anime fag wouldn't say "No, cosplay isn't stupid" because even he/she knows that's not true. Also not true is the delusion of anime fags to thinking that cosplay is looked down upon while all other kinds of fantasy dress-up are acceptable in today's world. Of course dressing up like your favorite movie, TV show or comic book character is stupid, but cosplay is at least a billion times stupider.

How is it possible that anime can manage to bring shame to playing dress-up in public? The fact is, cosplay just looks goofy. And the reason cosplay looks goofy is because anime looks goofy. While a pimple faced nerd dressed like Darth Vader looks geeky, at least Darth Vader dressed like Darth Vader looks cool. Inuyasha dressed like Inuyasha just looks goofy. If you have to dress like an anime character, dress like Speed Racer or Ash Ketchum, or someone like that. Leave the blue fright wig and the ninja pajamas at home.