Jisho: Architecture & Establishments

Byouin Hospital.

Chashitsu Tea room. See Wikipedia.

Denkiya Electronics store.

Depaato Department store. See Wikipedia.

Dojo School, place of training. (See martial arts page.)

Genkan Entrance, or actually an area between the outside and inside of a house, where one takes off their shoes and other outer garments before entering the main area of the house. See Mini Encyclopedia or Wikipedia.

Honya Book store.

Izakaya A kind of bar/restaurant. See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Jinja Shinto shrine (see shinto on the religion page). See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Kaiten-zushi Rotating sushi. Also known as "conveyor-belt sushi," this is a restaurant that... serves sushi on a conveyor belt. See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Kissaten Coffee shop. See Everything2.

Konbini Convenience store. See Web Japan.

Manga kissa Manga café, where people can read manga, use the internet, play video games, get snacks, etc. See Wikipedia.

Okiya A geisha's dwelling. See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Onsen Spa, hot spring. See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Pagoda Japanese Buddhist shrines which evolved from stupas, which originated in India, and later spread throughout Eastern Asia. See Wikipedia.

Ryokan Japanese-style hotel, inn. See Japan Ryokan Association, Wikipedia, or Everything2.

Shouji Paper sliding door. See Wikipedia or Everything2.

Stupa A style of building originating in ancient India as burial mounds. The style was later adopted as shrines by Buddhism, which spread the style across Eastern Asia. As the religion evolved in each country to which it was introduced, so did the design of the stupa. Japanese stupas are called pagodas. See Buddhist Architecture or Wikipedia.

Sushiya Sushi shop.

Tokyo Big Sight is the popular name for the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, a large convention center which displays works of art as well as hosting such events as the Tokyo International Anime Fair and Comiket (see culture page). See official website or Wikipedia.

Yakkyoku Pharmacy, drugstore.

Yaoya Small store or stand that sells produce.

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