I don't remember this show well enough to rate it.

Transformers, syndicated
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An old 80's cartoon; maybe it's not technically anime, but I can't help thinking of it as such, which is why I stubbornly include my review here. I also stubbornly refuse to include "The" in the title. Anyway, I don't think I saw as much of this as I wanted to. And I don't remember it very well. But, y'know, it's about a bunch of giant robots who turn into vehicles and all sorts of other things. There are good ones called Autobots and bad ones called Decepticons, and they all come from some planet called Cybertron, and now they're fighting each other on Earth. And some humans are involved, and stuff. And it sold tons of toys. My favorite character was Starscream. I always wanted him to overthrow Megatron as leader of the Decepticons. Dunno what else to tell you, but maybe I'll say more if I ever see the old series again someday.

There was a Transformers movie (which I need to see again someday and review), which wasn't too bad. And there have been some other Transformers shows which I haven't seen, and don't really care to, though I've heard they were better than some of the more recent series (which I've seen a little of and didn't like). But there was a more recent show I did like, called Transformers Animated. And there was a live-action adaptation movie, Transformers, which was pretty cool, and had a few sequels.

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