I haven't seen enough of this to rate it.

Shaman King, on TV Tokyo
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So there's this kid named Morty who likes ghost stories, and all the other kids think he's weird. Then he meets a kid named Yoh, who turns out to be a shaman who can use the power of spirits to fight evil or whatever. I guess he's going to enter a tournament to become the next Shaman King, something that happens once every 500 years. Yoh partners up with the ghost of a samurai named Amidamaru, who died over 600 years ago. After a few episodes, this girl named Anna shows up, who is Yoh's fiancee, and makes Yoh do a lot of training for the tournament. There's also this guy named Rio, who's the leader of a small-time gang. He fought Yoh a few times, got his butt whupped, and finally decided he wants to become a shaman himself. Anyway, I guess I sort of like the show, but I fell out of the habit of watching, and then it stopped airing anyway. Plus it was supposedly edited a lot from the original version. Maybe if I got a chance I'd want to see the series uncut sometime, I dunno.

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