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Pilot Candidate, on NHK BS2
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Also called "Candidate for Goddess." This show basically sucks. It seems to take itself seriously, but I'm warning you, you absolutely must not do that! It's almost okay if you watch it strictly for laughs (and maybe for the cute cat-girl, Kizna, cuz you know we love the anime cat-girls). But it's just so poorly dubbed and stupid and weird. I can like stupid and weird, but this doesn't get those qualities right. Still, it can be funny if you look at it properly. (And it had one really funny line, once: "Zero... do you want to explode?") Oh... and the opening theme music is fairly good.

Anyway, it's about these boys who are training to be pilots of these giant mechas called goddesses (or Ingrids), and girls training to be goddess repairers. They're all training on a space station called Goa, which I guess is orbiting a planet called Zion, which I guess is the last world where humanity survives. There's an enemy alien race called Victim which keep attacking, and the current goddess pilots have to fight them off. It seems like the main character is pilot candidate Zero Enna, who's really fairly stupid and weird and annoying. But all the candidates are annoying in one way or another. And that's all I can say, because adult swim didn't air the show for very long.

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