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Neko Rahmen, on Tokyo MX
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Well, there's really not much to say about this. There are 13 three-minute flash-animated episodes, which you can watch online at Vuze (or you could; I'm not sure where you can see it now). Takes you less than an hour to get through the whole series, if you feel like watching it in one sitting, as I did. Um... my rating of it is a bit skewed, perhaps. It's hard to really rate an entire series that runs about 40 minutes; maybe I'd like it more if it were longer, or maybe I'd like it less. Certainly I think three minutes per episode is the best length for this. It's um... kind of ridiculous, but really cute and funny and cool. Kind of reminds me of something like Shin chan. Oh, and each episode is done in a different style, by a different artist or whatever.

Anyway. There's a cat called Taishou (which means "boss"), and he runs a ramen restaurant called Neko Rahmen. He usually only has one customer, Mr. Tanaka, who doesn't like the ramen, so it's hard to say why he keeps coming back. Taishou and Tanaka do seem to become friends, although their personalities couldn't be more different, and Taishou doesn't seem to treat anyone very well (he gets really angry at the drop of a hat). Anyway, in each episode, some weird and hysterical stuff happens. Or whatever. That's all I can think to say, but I really like it and it'd be nice if there were some more episodes. Or maybe I should see if it's possible to get the manga someday....

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