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MegaMan NT Warrior, on TV Tokyo
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Called "Rockman EXE" in the Japanese version. Well, this is a kiddie anime, based on a series of video games, none of which I've ever played. I'm sure MegaMan has appeared in other animes in the past, with which I'm not really familiar. But this is different, anyway. I don't really care much about the show, though it is kinda cute and all. There's some evil organization called World 3 that wants to cause trouble with computer viruses, and some kids send their NetNavi's (the main one being MegaMan, who belongs to a boy named Lan) into the computer networks to defeat the evil viruses. Though mostly I think the kids use their NetNavi's for play battles against each other, and later a tournament. Lan and his friends (Maylu, Dex, Yai, maybe some others I've forgotten) will later face other evil organizations, but I never managed to keep much track of it all. Of course there are also good guys who aren't necessarily friends of Lan and the others, some of whom aren't even kids. They have a teacher named Ms. Mari, and um... other people. There's even a group that officially works against the evil organizations, though they do recruit the kids and their NetNavis to help out. At some point the series added "Axess" to its title. Not sure what else to say, I missed a lot of stuff and don't remember everything that well, and like I said, I wasn't that into it even while watching it. But it was okay.

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