tek's reviews - Gundam animes

So... why do Gundam shows get their own listing in their own frameset, separate from the main listing of anime reviews? For one thing, there are just so darn many of them. And while I'd like to keep them all together, the titles can start with different words, and since my anime listings are alphabetical... that could be a problem. I was thinking of making a collapsible menu, but... I'm afraid I couldn't get the script for that to work in conjunction with the script for the mouseover highlights. Another problem is that Gundam animes can include TV series, OVAs, and movies... which of course may be the case for some other franchises, but... I dunno, this one just seemed more of a consistently inconsistent mixed bag, you dig? Besides that, there's also the consideration of different universes....

See, the majority of Gundam series (I believe, though this is subject to change) take place in the Universal Century era, but there have been a few which take place in other eras, or rather alternate universes (each with its own era, though in Gundam animes, "era" basically means "dating system," though of course it also denotes, from the viewer's perspective, the universe in which a particular anime is set). The series in the UC era will be listed here in the order in which they're set within the Gundam timeline, rather than alphabetically or when they were released. (It's important to note that even if a series was made much later, it could be set earlier in the timeline than another series.) Alternate universe series, on the other hand, will be listed alphabetically, seeing as they're unrelated to one another, each having its own timeline.

So, what else is there to say? Well, there are plenty of series I haven't seen yet, though I suppose I'd like to see them all someday. No telling if it'll actually happen, of course. Especially since they just keep coming out with new ones.... It really is a huge franchise, you know.... Oh yeah, and about my ratings... well, most of these series I watched before I really seriously started writing reviews, or rating things, and now I don't remember them well. So alot of stuff, especially the UC shows, my reviews are pretty short and not very good. And chances are if I rewatched them, I'd change the ratings (most likely rate them slightly higher, though some I might well rate lower). So try to keep that in mind... Even though I give them ratings, they're the kind of things that ordinarily I'd just say "I don't remember this well enough to rate."

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