I don't remember this series well enough to rate.

Flint the Time Detective, on TV Tokyo
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I never watched too much of this, I guess. It really wasn't great, but I guess it could be kinda funny. There was this bureau of time police, and they recruited this little kid from the stone age named Flint. And his father was a big stone hammer for some reason, which Flint would hit enemies with. There were some other kids, too, from the 25th century, Sarah and Tony, and their uncle. And there were little critters which I think were called TimeShifters, which the bureau wanted to get ahold of. But there were some evil folks who also wanted to get them. The main villain I remember was a woman named Petra Fina. The Shifters were all in different eras, helping out famous people from history, and the time detectives would go back in time and fight the villains for control of the Shifters, then erase the historic people's memories of all this before they returned to the present. I really don't remember much about the show specifically, just the general premise. I might like to see it again sometime, or preferably the original Japanese version, which the English dub apparently made a lot of changes to.

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