I haven't seen enough of this show to rate it.

Eyeshield 21, on TV Tokyo
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There's this kid named Sena Kobayakawa, who I guess just entered Deimon High School as a freshman. He's relatively small and meek and doesn't really have any friends except Mamori Anezaki, who's a year older than him. She encourages him to join a club to make more friends, and he ends up becoming manager of the Deimon Devil Bats football team, in spite of not knowing anything about football. There are basically only two players on the team: Yoichi Hiruma, the team captain, who has a demonic-looking face, and an attitude to match; and Ryokan Kurita, who is very large and strong, but also kind of simple and very friendly. When Hiruma discovers that Sena is extraordinarily fast and agile, he forces him to become a running back for the team. But to hide Sena's identity, he wears a helmet with an eyeshield, and takes on the name "Eyeshield 21." So he'll be the Devil Bats' secret weapon, and only Hiruma and Kurita know Eyesheild's true identity. Anyway, they also round up a bunch of other guys to play on the team, but so far none of them seem that important.

Well, Mamori still doesn't know that Sena is Eyeshield. It's kind of funny because she thinks that since Eyeshield is so great in spite of being small, he'd be a good role model for Sena. But then again, she's also always been overprotective of Sena, and wants him to quit managing the team since Hiruma drives him so hard. Besides which, she already didn't like Hiruma, who apparently has been getting in trouble for a couple years, with a disciplinary committee which she's on. But Sena doesn't want to quit, so Mamori becomes team manager, so she'll be around to look after him, and Sena is still club secretary, or whatever.

And that's all I can really say so far, since I haven't been watching long. But they've already set up Ojo High's White Knights as a major rival team, I guess. Anyway, the show seems like a fairly standard sports anime so far, not sure how into it I'm going to get, but it could be good. It's reasonably amusing I suppose, and I find myself wondering if there could turn out to be something actually demonic going on at Deimon High. That'd be interesting. But at this point the main reason I continue watching is because Mamori's pretty cute.... But I didn't get to see any more since Toonami Jetstream ceased to exist. Dunno if I'll ever see any of the series again....

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