I haven't seen enough of this series to rate it yet.

Durarara!!, on MBS & TBS & CBC
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A boy named Mikado Ryugamine moves from the country to Ikebukuro, Toyko, to start high school. He's excited but also apparently a bit nervous about being in the city for the first time. But he has an old friend named Masaomi Kida, who I guess moved here four years ago, so he shows Mikado around Ikebukuro and gives him advice about people to avoid, as well as introducing him to some of his friends. Meanwhile, we occasionally see an online chat between some other people. And there's a group of people who try to kidnap a teenage girl, but they're stopped by someone called the Headless Rider, a girl who rides a black motorcycle and... has no head. And that's pretty much all I can say so far. I look forward to learning more about the show and updating my review. It looks like it could be pretty interesting, though it should take some time for me to get to know all the characters who are going to be introduced. Um... so far it kinda reminds me of Paranoia Agent, time will tell if I maintain that impression or not....

Unfortunately, I lost Cartoon Network before I could see the whole series. So it'll probably be quite awhile before I get around to finishing it, and my review.

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