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Magical DoReMi, on TV Asahi
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Dorie Goodwyn is a young girl who one day stumbled into a magic shop called The Rusty Broom, which is run by a witch named Patina. Apparently in this series, if someone calls a witch a witch, that witch will then turn into a small green blob. And Dorie calls Patina a witch. Now she has to become a witchling (apprentice witch) so she can eventually learn to turn Patina back into her human form. Anyway, Patina isn't happy about having Dorie as an apprentice (but she's really upset about being a small green blob, so she has to put up with it for now). Patina also has a fairy helper named Lorelei. Soon Dorie's friends Reanne Griffith and Mirabelle Haywood also become witchlings, and Patina and Lorelei will have to train all three of them.

They each get this musical thing called a dream spinner, which they can play a tune on to produce their witchling costumes, which they have to get into before the music stops. They can play another tune to produce wandlers, which are sort of magic wands, that they have to fill with spell drops, which are colorful little balls about the size of gumballs, which they have to use to cast spells. They have to buy spell drops from the Lunaverse, but they have to use money they earn selling things they've made themselves, in the shop, which they renamed the Magical DoReMi magic shop. They're very friendly, happy sorts of witches who cleaned up the shop, made it look real nice and stuff. Which Patina doesn't like. But Lorelei seems to like them and their ways. Anyway, they'll have to pass a series of tests, and get some of their own fairies.

I can't really think what else to say right now. Before I started watching it, I didn't really think I'd be that interested in it. And I'm not, terribly. But it's better than I expected. Still, it's clearly made for little kids, particularly little girls. Things like age or gender don't normally matter much to me in deciding whether I like a show or not, but with this one I'd maybe almost say it skews a bit too young even for my tastes. But it's okay. Anyway, FOX didn't air the whole series, so I'll probably never see any more of it, but... meh, that's okay, I suppose.

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