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Case Closed, on Yomiuri TV
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Originally titled "Detective Conan." There's this 17-year-old aspiring detective and soccer ace named Jimmy Kudo, who wants to be the next Sherlock Holmes, and he's well on his way, until one night he gets poisoned and reverts to a little kid. To protect his identity while tracking down the bad guys responsible, in hopes of reversing the transformation, he calls himself Conan Edogawa (named after mystery writers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo).

Meanwhile, he's staying with Rachel Moore, a friend of his (and very nearly his girlfriend), who is captain of the high school karate team; and her father, Richard, who is also a detective, but not a great one like Jimmy/Conan. Neither of them knows Conan is really Jimmy. Conan usually has to put Richard to sleep with a dart (which shoots out of his watch) to the neck, and use a voice modulator in his bowtie to pretend to be Richard, delivering his explanation of the case to the police (mainly Inspector Meguire) after he solves it. Richard never remembers any of this, but still takes credit for solving the cases. Also, Conan sometimes just says seemingly random things, which are designed to lead Richard to the same clues or conclusions Conan himself has already drawn.

Conan gets his handy gadgets (which also include sneakers that power up his kicks) from a wacky scientist friend of his, Dr. Agasa, the only person who knows Conan is Jimmy. Then there are three little kids, Amy, George, and Mitch, who Conan has to go to school with now, and they form the Junior Detective League, which Conan isn't really thrilled about. Oh, and Rachel has a friend named Serena, who's kind of annoying.

And that's about all I can tell you, for now. I like the series well enough, but there's a ton of it I've never seen, simply because Adult Swim hasn't aired that much of it. If they ever did get around to airing some new episodes (which I doubt, considering they took down their website's page for the show), I'm sure I'd watch them. I'd certainly like to see if Conan ever gets back to being Jimmy, or whatever. But... it's not something I'm into enough to really seek out otherwise, and probably wouldn't buy it. Oh yeah, I also wanted to mention that I kind of liked the English opening theme, "First New Century" (which is a remake of the original Japanese theme, I guess). This here's an mp3 I found somewheres, and it's not terribly high quality, I'm afraid, but it could be worse. The song is... how would I say? Lame yet cool. Heh.

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