Calling all Creatures of the Night
An Undecided Story
Chapter two
Posted on 9/20/96 by WatM

WatM had been in the city he was calling Charlie a day now… he had slept at the Looney Lotel… a lotel of course being a place to stay… he had not as yet met anyone, aside from the clerk at check-in… the clerk had asked for payment in advance when WatM checked in… "Money or life?" he had asked, expecting WatM to choose his form of payment for staying there… "Life," WatM had said, and promptly killed the clerk… no one else was staying at this particular lotel, since the only people to be in the city were its own residents, who all had several homes of their own… there was no shortage of real estate, as most people had of course left long ago… everything here was free… or else cost a life… usually that of whoever was trying to collect… WatM no went about the city to meet who he could and find whether there might not be anything to do here… he saw a gang of bikers who had painted their faces and dressed their part, and called themselves the Sons of Lobo… WatM decided he would become Lobo… and so he was… "What the frag are you feebs doin' ta my bad name?" he inquired, walking up to them… "It's Lobo!" they all shouted… "Th' main man! What would you have us do differently, boss?"… "who's the leader around here?" inquired the now-Lobo… "I am," said the biggest, meanest biker… "Name's Nadcrusher."… Lobo promptly fragged Nadcrusher… "Wrong answer. I'm in charge. Someone tell me about Charlie."… "Who's Charlie?" someone asked… "Charlie's the name o' this here city"… "This city ain't got a name" someone began… quickly he corrected himself, "Or it didn't till you said it did. Whattaya wanna know?"… "Anything o' intrest."… "What you see is what you get. Everyone here is crazy. The criminals. The resistance. The officials. Everyone. Place is ripe for our kind to have buckets o' fun"… "Sure. But is there anything special about the place?"… "How do you mean, special?"… "I mean, is there anything worth concerning myself with? Cash or booze or bitches or people to frag? Or ancient lost swords or anything?"… "Not too many babes left worth doin' anything with, but there's plenty o' fraggin ta be done, and booze ta be had."… "and" said someone else, "I here there is an ancient lost sword somewhere in the sewer system."… "what's it called?"… "I dunno."… "what the frag good are ya then?" asked Lobo, and he maimed the bastich who wasted his time… "you gizzers do whatever, I'm not stickin around this dump" said Lobo… "I got better dumps to hang around"… so he walked away and when out of view he was himself again, or at least whatever he was choosing to let pass for himself at the moment… he went to the library again and looked up ancient lost swords… he found a mention of one that was supposed to be buried in the sewers somewhere… he decided to look for it… he built himself a sword-divining rod… he dropped down into the sewers and soon had found the sword… he took it… then he left the city…

chapter three