Calling all Creatures of the Night
An Undecided Story
Chapter one
Posted on 9/18/96 by WatM

He was walking down an unlit street, which didn’t really matter much, considering it was broad daylight… not that the criminals much cared in this city, they came out any time of day or night… long ago, the people of the city all realized that all the people in office were criminals, as is usually the case… what’s odd about this particular city is that the people in office stopped to seriously consider the allegations, and actually realized the truth… and instead of stepping down they said, well, if we’re criminals, it’s hardly fair of us to put other criminals in jail just for being criminals, is it? …so they let all the criminals out of jail… (in doing so, they accidentally let the wrongfully imprisoned out as well of course…) the criminals now had pretty much free reign over the city… any sane, law-abiding folks had left the city not too awfully long thereafter… now all who were left were the criminals who operated on the streets and criminals in office and the insane folks… the criminals on the street and the few insane folks left in the city didn’t pay any taxes, and those police who were sane had long ago departed, so the criminals in office had largely stopped making money… luckily, they had way overcharged on pretty much everything for years, and had lots of money to spare for the time being, but their funds were slowly depleting… some of the insane, including former normal citizens and former police and former wrongfully imprisoned folks had formed a resistance group, and they controlled their own section of the city now… WatM came into the city, as he tended to wander from place to place… he didn’t always wander… he figured it would be too consistent to stay in one place, but also too consistent to consistently wander, so from time to time he stopped somewhere for a while… he had had many interesting travels and many utterly boring travels… he thought he might be vaguely interested in this city for a while, so he checked it out… it seemed to him, once he had familiarized himself with its setup, that it was one of the odder places he’d ever been… he decided he’d stay for a time… he didn’t have any idea how long he’d stay… sometimes when he stayed somewhere he didn’t have any idea how long he stayed, and sometimes he planned exactly how long he’d stay from the beginning… sometimes his plans worked out and sometimes they didn’t… but for now he didn’t know how long he’d stay here… he found the city had no name anymore, so he looked up in the library what it used to be called before the change… it had been called "Sanityville, Ducoit" on the planet "Prisintieth…" sometimes he stayed on the planet, sometimes he didn’t… he’d never been to the planet prisintieth, but he was relatively certain he’d been to the state of ducoit at some point… he decided to start calling this place by name… he named it "Charlie…"

chapter two