Twilight Paths III (if no one minds)
new story
Posted on 9/25/96 by zack

"hello, tek."

"Hello, zack. what's goin' on?"

"well, i've just been to an odd little planet called Prisintieth. there was this city without a name which is in utter chaos... don't say it, tek, i know. listen, man, it's mainly destructive. anyway, i was talking with some folks there who had never even heard of Cheshire Cats, can you imagine? and they said a stranger had been in town recently posing as Lobo. yes, the one from those comix you occasionally read. a very... inconsistent man... or... being, or whatever... anyway, i heard he had been down to the sewers and got himself an ancient lost sword. of course it had only been lost for a few decades or so, and they technically knew where it was, they just didn't want it anymore, so they threw it down there. you see. anyway, it was an ancient talking sword. the stranger took it offworld. i went off looking for the stranger, and found his ship. i listened in to a conversation he was having with the sword, never revealing my presence. but i thought i might talk to you about this, and maybe we could join him."

"why, what's he up to?"

"well, seems he's looking for a drow to give the sword to. Taragor, or something like that. anyway, i just thought maybe you..."

"could talk to mox about it. or mez, or someone like that. sure. let's do."

"Okay. to Acrothei, then. thru the Wheel?"

"Yes, certainly. if we can find it listed."

"if not, I could do some reprogramming."

"what do you know about reprogramming a Wheel of Worlds, zack?"

"well, i've been learning a bit about this teleportation stuff. i think i could work a bit of majik on the old thing."

"good show, old boy. let's to it."

somewhere on Acrothei...