Calling all Creatures of the Night
TAers On Ice...
somewhere on Acrothei...
Posted on 9/25/96 by teknomage

a portal opens. out come sir teknomage and zack the Cheshire almostcat.

someone neither of them recognizes walks up to them and inquires, "may i help you? we're in rather a bit of a sticky time just now, you know..."

"really?" said tek. "i'm sorry, i wasn't aware. so dreadfully sorry to drop in like this at such a bad time. but i did wonder if i might be able to talk to mox or mezberris or someone like that. if they're not too awfully busy."

"i'll see what can be arranged..."

Note: originally on the Dom there was this story that moxie was writing and i guess i just didn't have it printed out or don't have it, so i suppose it simply to be lost. i'm sorry about that, i'm sure it'd have a connection to what is mentioned here and what will be coming up... *shrug* but, que sera sera. sorry.

that person there...