tek's ideas for TV shows

Okay, for many years I've had ideas for TV shows. I don't know if I can remember all of them, but I'll try to tell you about any that come to mind.

Hard Time on Planet Ondarius
This was an Idea I had for a spin-off from Hard Time on Planet Earth. I think I once heard Jesse say his homeworld was called Ondarius, but I may have misheard. In any event, the idea was to follow what was going on back on his homeworld, with his followers in their ongoing rebellion against the Council. There would have to be episodes dealing with things that happened on HToPE, like Jesse trying to send a message back that his vice-commander had betrayed them, or an assassin from his homeworld, who failed to kill him, delivering a message that he was still alive. Or this one guy he met once, who returned home, could contact them. But mostly the stories would have nothing to do with Jesse, except occasionally characters might mention him, or there could be flashbacks to before he was exiled. Of course... this series would be impossible, because HToPE itself didn't last very long.

untitled Inspector Gadget spin-off
One idea I had was for a cartoon set maybe between ten and twenty years after Inspector Gadget, in which Penny was all grown up, now a hotshot inspector herself. Not, of course, with the kind of built-in gadgets her uncle had, but she would be far more brilliant than he ever was, and have her external technology, computers and stuff. And maybe a descendant of Brain's would help her, I dunno. I don't have much of a better idea about what would happen in the show. But it occurs to me now her uncle might have some role in it. Maybe he could be retired, or maybe he could even be the new Chief. Just as clueless as ever, of course. (I'm fairly sure there's been at least one Gadget spin-off series, but I've never seen it, and I don't think my idea's ever been done.)

untitled "amnesia" concept
Another idea I had, which is pretty stupid, would be a show where the main characters, a family... just sort of, remember things about their lives as... the things come up. (The idea is inspired by the fact that this is essentially what it's like for viewers watching a show about characters they don't know yet.) They all wake up one day not knowing anything about themselves. But right away, the husband and wife look at each other and suddenly remember being married. Then they go out in the hall, and the kids come out, and when everyone sees each other, they remember each other. Things have to trigger their memories. Like they don't remember where they work until they get calls wondering why they haven't shown up. None of them remember friends or more distant family or coworkers until they see them again. They don't even remember their likes or dislikes, interests, or anything about their lives, until something triggers their memory. Maybe in one episode a relative would come for a visit and they'd be like "Oh, I have a (whatever the relation is)." It's a pretty lame concept and couldn't be stretched very far I suppose. But it's an idea I had. So, I list it here.

untitled show-hopping series
One idea I always quite liked, but which would be practically impossible, would be a show that didn't really have its own time slot or network. It might get its own special episode every once in a while, particularly the pilot episode. It would be about a group of people who can, through some kind of science or magic they've developed, jump into the fictional worlds of TV shows they're watching. And all the characters believe they themselves are real, and their world is real, and everything. The people who jump into the shows might sometimes just blend into the show without revealing the truth, as if they were ordinary guest characters. But sometimes they would tell characters that all this was fiction. Some might believe them, some might not. Anyway... the leapers could leap into any show on any network. Which is why they wouldn't need their own slot: their show's episodes would just be whichever episodes of real shows they leapt into. The biggest problem would be getting different networks to agree to this. As well as the creators of the shows, who might not want their shows messed up with my stupid idea. But I think it'd be a symbiotic relationship: fans of my show would follow the characters to the other shows, and might become fans of those shows because of it. Fans of the other shows might see an episode of my show and start following the characters to other shows.

Kodomo Dragons
This is a pun on "komodo dragons," as "kodomo" is Japanese for "children." The concept is just that there are a group of young dragons who are friends, but they're different types of dragon from different mythologies around the world. It would probably be a children's cartoon. That's all I've got.

The Fourth Wall
I've always been a fan of "breaking the fourth wall," since long before I knew it was called that. A couple of the ideas I've listed here make use of the trope, but none as much as this one.... sort of. The idea is that there's a TV show (sort of a show-within-a-show) that is a fictional fantasy world, in medieval times. But the twist is that the "wizards" in that world are actually the only characters who are aware that their world is fictitious. They can see the world the same way all the other characters do, but they can also see the real world, see their show being filmed on sets and on location, and all that. Sometimes perhaps they can even interact with the actors who play characters on the show... and probably the wizards would pretend to be actors themselves, but in fact they really are the characters they play. (Sometimes they may seem weird to the other actors and crew, because they stay "in character" after a scene ends.) Anyway, in the world of the show, the other characters think they can communicate with "the outer world," which is supposedly the spirit world, but is actually the real world. And they may use common technology from the real world that seems like magical artifacts to the other characters. There's probably a war going on between kingdoms, each with its own wizards, who may have to work together in the real world, even though they consider each other enemies... it's not like they can just fight for real when everyone else thinks they're just actors. Meanwhile, whatever's going on in the show may have some effect on the real world, perhaps subtle shifts to the timeline (as if the show, which is set in the past, is actually in the real past).

untitled Pokemon-type series
Well, not just like Pokemon, but like any kind of anime/cartoon/game/whatever in which humans use creatures as if they're tools or weapons, even though the creatures may actually be just as intelligent as humans. Some humans may call their creatures "friends," but the fact remains that the humans are the masters, and they "own" the creatures. It doesn't really make sense, not just because it's basically slavery, but also because the creatures are the ones with the power, and the humans giving commands don't really do anything, but they're still the ones who get all the glory. But my idea is a world in which the creatures only have (significant) power once they are captured by humans, and/or only become "real" once they are captured. So they hope all their lives to be captured by a human, thus giving their lives value and meaning, and the ability to become more powerful. Any "wild" creatures are just liked random extras in a movie, with no lines, but once a human owns you, you become a major character. Possibly all the creatures understand this, but the humans may not. And the creatures, at least some of them, may have hidden agendas of their own, which they conceal from their owners. In fact the creatures may use their owners as tools, without the humans knowing it.

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