Julius Caesar rap
The Cosby Show
ep.: Shakespeare

I say friends a-let me hold your ear
and Romans a-let me hold your ear
I say countrymen a-let me hold your ear
Now I'm Marcus Antonius, but they call me Mark
I didn't come to bite, you see I came to bark
about the holes that the brothers put in Julius C.
As far as I'm concerned it is cool with me
You see Brutus and the boys must know what they were doin'
Caesar was about to run Rome to ruin
Cause Brutus is cool...
All Caesar did was to Romanize the world
and put some bronze in the palm of every boy and girl
But that man's so chill that when they handed him the crown
Caesar said
"No, baby" and turned the crown down
Brutus he said, he said he came to read
which is how he justified the Ides of March deed
But Brutus is cool...
I say, chill homeboy, my heart's with Dr. J
So let's get busy till it comes this way
Cockroach take it to the bridge
Now the last little Caesar scene before homeboy blew
was to drop some old gold on each one of you
J.C. was your father J.C. was your brother
And what I wanna know When comes such another?
Great Caesar's ghost,
great Caesar's ghost
He's chilly most
From coast to coast
Great Caesar's ghost,
great Caesar's ghost
great Caesar's ghost,
great Caesar's ghost...