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So... I've got pages for my thoughts on racism and sexism, and on each of those pages I had lists of links to articles or videos about those issues. But I finally decided to move those links to a page specifically for links. That saved space on the other pages, as well as giving me a place to include links about issues other than just racism and sexism. However, even that page started getting too long, so I eventually broke it up into a few separate pages for different social justice issues. (It's possible some of the issues on this page will also eventually get their own pages, if the lists of links get long enough.)

Please note, this is mostly just stuff I've seen shared on facebook or learned of elsewhere, starting in May 2014. As such, these links barely scratch the surface of the subjects they address. There is much more research you or I or anyone can do on these subjects, which is beyond the present scope and purpose of this page. (Also note that links I add to this page may include articles, videos, etc., which were made long before I first saw them.) Some of the links I share here will be negative (showing society's problems), others will be positive (showing ways society is changing for the better and/or offering advice on how to help change society and ourselves).

TW/CN: some of the sites linked to from this page will talk about traumatic issues. Also, some use problematic language, particularly ableist terms to describe bigoted or classist people or attitudes.

anti-PC / anti-liberalism

6 Ways Critics Of Political Correctness Have It Backwards
Antifa in America: Militant Anti-fascism Isn't Terrorism, It's Self-defense
Conservatives Are Hiding Their ‘Loathing’ Behind Our Flag
A conservative Stanford professor plotted to dig up dirt on a liberal student
The Dangers of Shunning ‘Bad’ Protesters
Daniel Albert's answer to "How do I make a convincing argument to someone who is a liberal that being a conservative is more compatible with their beliefs?"
Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions
Escape from the Trump Cult
The Gravity House Effect of U.S. Politics
Here's what one Holocaust survivor has to say about the rise of the Antifa movement.
How Democrats and Republicans switched beliefs
“Hypocrisy” is Often Just Tribalism
An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
Intolerant Liberals
The Myth of ‘Liberal Intolerance’
The Nazis were not socialists
No, I Will Not Debate You
Populist correctness: the new PC culture of Trump's America and Brexit Britain
Pretty Loud for Being So Silenced
A Scholar Watched NRA TV For 6 Months So You Wouldn't Have To
Two Questions About Trump and Republicans that Stump Progressives
What Fascism in the 21st Century is Really About
What Gamergate should have taught us about the 'alt-right'
What You’re Saying When You Use the Phrase “Politically Correct”
Why Americans Struggle to Understand Social Democracy
Why does the NPR station have so much propaganda against Trump?

genderism, homophobia, & transphobia

11 Ways To Be A Trans* Ally, According To Transgender People Themselves
Anti-LGBT hate crimes are rising, the FBI says. But it gets worse
Beyond XX and XY: The Extraordinary Complexity of Sex Determination
Biological sex is a spectrum
A Camel Through the Eye of a Needle, and Other Wild Tales of Translation
Christian Disney Mom Plagued By Mere Existence Of Gay People Can’t Do Anything Anymore
Christian Group Admits To Sending Men Into Women’s Bathrooms To Scare You Into Hating Trans People
Council of Geeks: LGBTQ+ Topics (video playlist) 5-23-24
Even Hate Crimes Against Us Are Punchlines. What Do Straight People Expect?
Gay marriage in the year 100 AD
A gut-wrenching PSA shows a gay teen's final texts before saying goodbye. (w/video)
High School Students Celebrate "Anti-Gay" Day
Homosexuality in the Bible: Here's what six passages say and how to interpret them. (w/video)
How the FDA Bitch Slapped Every Gay and Bisexual Man in America
If I Have Gay Children: 4 Promises from a Christian Parent
The imaginary predator in America's transgender bathroom war
The Intersex Roadshow
The invention of 'heterosexuality'
Last Week Tonight: Transgender Rights (video)
LGBTQ books are being censored in middle schools. Authors are speaking out.
New Film “Adam” is the Most Transphobic, Lesbophobic Film In Decades
Oklahoma School Forced Into Lockdown After Parents Threaten Violence Against 12-Year-Old Transgender Child
Outrage culture changed the world: “PC” critics are wrong — marriage equality happened because activists used shame and rage
The reason this teacher was suspended shows a painful reality for many LGBTQ people.
SciShow: Science Proves There are More than Two Human Sexes (video)
There are 6 Scriptures about homosexuality in the Bible. Here's what they really say.
This Bible passage is helping Christians better understand trans and nonbinary genders.
Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex
When They Call for “Eradication,” It Means What It Sounds Like
Writing Trans Roles Is Great, But I Want To Be Seen In Characters Already Written, Too


5 Myths About Love, Sex, and Relationships That Stop Us From Accepting Polyamory
5 Myths About Polyamory
5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About (comic)
15 Comments Polyamorous People Are Tired of Getting
Even Christians Are Rethinking Monogamy
Non-Monogamy chart
Polyamory Resources and Guidelines

religious intolerance

6 Quran Quotes That Teach Love, Tolerance and Freedom of Religion
10 Great Prophet Muhammad Quotes on Christians
10 Lies You Were Told About Islam (video)
America Isn’t Growing Hostile Towards Christians, It’s Growing Hostile Towards Religious Bullies.
Americans should learn what 'jihad' really means. Uproar over a recent speech shows why. (w/video)
Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn't read its lessons on violence
Did You Know That Jihad Is In The Bible?
Five myths about sharia
If Islam Is a Religion of Violence, So Is Christianity
Irving imam, who has denounced extremism, threatened in ISIS videos
Islamophobe On Tumblr Gets Completely Owned
It's not just Trump: Islamophobia in America is spiraling out of control
Kenya: Muslims thwart terrorist attack against Christians, saving 20 believers from death
Love Thy Neighbor?
Muslims Condemn
Muslims love Jesus. So why does everyone think we hate Christmas?
My 4-year-old was told not to say, 'Happy holidays.' Here's how I responded.
Remember this comic the next time you witness Islamophobia in public. (w/comic)
The silly American fear of sharia law
Steven Crowder Challenges Muslim on Air (video)
Terrorism and Jihad in Islam
This Muslim Woman’s Viral Thread Describes The Constant Bigotry Muslims Face In 2019
A troll demanded a Muslim man show examples of 'Christian terrorists.' He delivered.
Why Don't Muslims Speak Out Against Terrorism? (video)
Why Evangelicals Hate Muslims: An Evangelical Minister’s Perspective (video)
Why the Far Right Believes Every Muslim—Including Me—Is a Liar (video)
'You're a terrorist,' says note sent to 10-year-old Muslim schoolgirl in Massachusetts

(this can involve a lot of crossover with both racism and religious intolerance, but it can also be a more general opposition to immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers)

4 myths about how immigrants affect the U.S. economy
9 popular myths about separating children from parents at the US borders.
All Possible Responses to "They Should Get in Line and Do It the Right Way, the Way My Family Did," with Citations (Also Jokes)
Border Patrol Arrest Reports Are Full of Lies That Can Sabotage Asylum Claims
How the US has hidden its empire
I’m an undocumented immigrant. I pay my taxes every year.
Kids React To Illegal Immigration In The U.S. (video)
Last Week Tonight: Legal Immigration (video)
A mini history lesson about the concentration camps on American soil.
Racist History of Illegal Immigration (video)
In a Time of Refugee Crisis, We Have Forgotten Who We Are
No, Mr. Sessions, the Apostle Paul Does Not Tell Us to Stand Quietly By While You Put Children in Concentration Camps
This is how ignorant you have to be to call Haiti a ‘shithole’
To The Good Person Who Is Defending The Current Policies At Our Border
Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda isn’t about rule of law or economics at all
The Violence Central American Migrants Are Fleeing Was Stoked by the US
When Xenophobia Spreads Like A Virus
Why Do You Think They Cross the Border?
Words Fucking Matter

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