rehab centers & resources
(because I just get so many emails asking me to add rehab centers to this page; don't ask me why)

Achieve Wellness & Recovery
Addiction Group
Addiction Guide
Addiction Intervention
Agape Detox Center
Alcohol Rehab Help
Ambrosia Behavioral Health
American Addiction Centers

  • Virtual Support Meetings
    Bayview Recovery Center
    Bedrock Recovery Center
    Blue Star Recovery
    BRC Healthcare
    California Addiction Treatment
    Casco Bay Recovery
    Chapters Recovery Center
    Charles River Recovery
    Coastal Detox
    Crestview Recovery
    The Discovery Institute
    Division on Addictions
    Drug Rehab Services
    Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery
    First City Recovery Center
    First Steps Recovery
    Florida Center for Recovery
    Free by the Sea
    The Freedom Center
    Golden Gate Recovery
    Grace Land Recovery
    Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare
    Granite Recovery Centers
    Green Mountain Treatment Center
    Guide to Low Cost or Free Drug Rehab Options
    Harmony Place
    Harmony Ridge Recovery Center
    The Healing Center - Cherry Hill
    The Healing Center - Fort Lauderdale
    The Healing Center - Stoughton, MA
    Immersive Recovery
    Intrepid Detox & Residential
    Jaywalker Lodge
    Kingsway Recovery Center
    Legends Recovery
    Lexington Addiction Center
    Live Free Recovery
    Louisville Addiction Center
    Luna Recovery
    Magnolia City Detox
    Moving Mountains Recovery
    MPower Wellness
    National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab
    New Directions for Women
    North Jersey Recovery Center
    North Jersey Rehabs
    Northern Illinois Recovery Center
    Ohio Recovery Center
    Orlando Treatment Solutions
    The Owls Nest
    Phoenix Rising Recovery
    Principles Recovery Center
  • Free Rehab Guide
    Sana Lake Recovery Center
    Santa Barbara Recovery
    Sunshine Behavioral Health
    Telstone IOP
    TN Detox Center
    Tulip Hill Recovery
    Tulua Health
    Westwind Recovery
    White Light Behavioral Health
    Wisconsin Recovery Institute

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