I don't generally care about models, but dammit, occasionally there might be someone I'd like to add to one of my links pages, like actresses or whatever... but she hasn't really done any acting that I've seen, so I've no choice! Though there probably will be some people on my actress or on-screen personality pages that are more models than anything else, as well as genuine actresses who were originally models. And there may be some people on this page who have also done some acting, who I still think of more as models. So, whatever... there will be some people here from long before my time, and some whose careers were at their height when I was a teenager (and so slightly more interested in such things than I am now), and perhaps a very few from more recent times.

Alt, Carol

Aoki, Devon See actresses A

Banks, Tyra
I mainly know her for a recurring role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but I guess she's mainly a model.

Brinkley, Christie Cole, Lily See actresses C

Crawford, Cindy

Hunter, Rachel Iman
Actually, I mainly think of her acting in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, but... Macpherson, Elle
Aside from modeling, I also know her for acting in
Batman & Robin. Moss, Kate Page, Bettie Pecora, Laina
Actually, I only know her from one time seeing her in a People magazine article. And that's the only link I can find for her... Porizkova, Paulina Schiffer, Claudia Taylor, Niki Twiggy Vandenberg, Pamela
Reckon I just know her from a series of Altoids ads.

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