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This shall become the single greatest collection of links on every subject imaginable, to be found in any one spot on the Net. I swear it shall be done! Muahahahahahahaha! Ha ha! Please suggest sites to help me accomplish my goal! ...Ah, but I do so wish I could find the time to actually explore these sites, instead of just putting up links to them here. Oh well, maybe someday. In the meantime, I refuse to be held responsible for the content of any sites I have links to.... Oh, and btw, just cuz I'm paranoid, I'll mention that any links with "my" in the title, please don't think that means they're actually my sites, okay? Thanks. Not that you would have thought that anyway. Like I said, I'm just paranoid...

WARNING: It's possible that any site I link to could, without my knowledge, contain malware that could infect your computer, or in some other way cause trouble for your computer, or just your browser, or anything. If this is the case I apologize; but, I can only advise you to exercise caution, wherever you go on the net.

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