on-screen personalities
Could be hosts of talk shows, variety shows, game shows, educational/informational shows, etc. Could be news anchors, reporters, whatever. Or VJs, or... I dunno. Whatever.

Altschul, Serena
Former MTV News reporter. Also appears as herself in Josie and the Pussycats.

Brown, Samantha
Host of all kinds of shows on Travel Channel. First thing I saw her in was Girl Meets Hawaii. Then there's Great Hotels and Great Vacation Homes and Passport to Europe and probably any number of other things. It's not like I watch anything on a regular basis, but it's nice to at least occasionally stop there for a little while if I'm channel surfing and one of her shows is on. It's odd, I'm not really a fan of bubbly personalities, but it really works for her... Dunn, Jancee
She's like a music journalist or whatever, but I really just know her as a former VJ on MTV2, probably my favorite VJ ever. Elvira (see Cassandra Peterson)

Hibberd, Laurie
Liked her on Fox After Breakfast, a morning talk show she co-hosted with Tom Bergeron and Bob the Puppet.

Kennedy (Lisa Kennedy Montgomery)
Former MTV VJ. O'Brien, Soledad
I always liked seeing her on MSNBC, years ago, not that I ever watched much of that channel. Now she's on CNN, which I also don't watch much, but it's nice to know she's still on TV, anyway. Pak, SuChin
MTV News reporter, and I think I tend to see her doing stuff like the MTV Movie Awards pre-show... Pinfield, Matt
Former MTV VJ. Eventually his show, 120 Minutes, was resurrected on MTV2. Sands, Tara (see voice actors S)
She's done voice work and stuff, but I mostly think of her as one of the hosts of Cartoon Network's old Fridays programming block.

Shear, Rhonda
I suppose technically she's what you might call an "actress," but I really only know her as the former host of USA's old late night movie block, Up All Night.

Soren, Tabitha
Former reporter for MTV News.

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