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When I started this page, I moved a few links here that I previously had on my organizations & causes links page. I started this page because I wanted a place to list not just organizations that are about gun control or gun safety or gun information or whatever, but also articles on the subject. And... whatever other gun-related things I might feel like adding, when I come across new things that interest me. I want to say that I am essentially pro-Second Amendment, and I believe in citizens' right to own guns (even though I have no interest in owning one, myself). But while there are plenty of perfectly responsible gun owners, there are obviously a lot of people who believe themselves to be responsible, but who actually aren't. And it's way too easy for people with criminal intent to purchase guns. I believe in thorough background checks. I believe in waiting periods. I believe in training people to handle guns responsibly, when using them, when cleaning them, when storing them. I believe no civilian has any need for assault rifles or automatic weapons (and probably not semi-automatic). I believe that anyone who is known to be dangerous (such as people who have committed domestic abuse) should not be allowed to own guns. I don't claim to know what laws should be enacted, exactly, because it's a complex issue. But it's very clear that something needs to be done to curtail gun violence.

websites / organizations
Armed With Reason
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Cure Violence Global
Everytown for Gun Safety
Gun Violence Archive
March for Our Lives
Moms Demand Action
National Gun Victims Action Council
Sandy Hook Promise
Save Our Streets
Wear Orange

articles / miscellany
25 Narratives We Hear After Every Mass Shooting (And Why They're Total Bullshit)
Bang Bang Sanity
Conservatives: We’ll Spill Blood to Keep Our Guns
The Gun Industry’s Six Deadly Lies
Guns Explained with Cats (video)
Here’s the difference between a ‘good guy with a gun’ and a mass shooter (w/comic)
How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment
How Often Do People Use Guns In Self-Defense?
Newsbroke: No Talking About Gun Control!! (video)
Newsbroke: Another Mass Shooting Happened (video)
NRA lobbyist asking how to tell a 10-year-old she can't have her pink assault rifle is peak NRA
The Onion (list of satirical articles)
She asked her young son about school shooting drills. His shocking response went viral.
Twice as many American children die from gun violence as police officers and soldiers combined.
What America is getting wrong about three important words in the Second Amendment
What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer
The world thinks America’s gun laws are crazy — and they’re right

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