graphic novelists
Ahem. I love comic books, but I don't get to read remotely as many as I'd like. So anyone listed here (writers, artists, etc.) will obviously have done far, far more work than that with which I am personally familiar. So I'll only be listing what I've read, but the links will show you how much more they've done, and hopefully let you know how great they really are....

Claremont, Chris
Sovereign Seven, etc.

Edlund, Ben See behind the scenes artists
The Tick

Ellis, Warren
Transmetropolitan, etc.

Gaiman, Neil See writers
Sandman (which I haven't read but desperately want to).

Mignola, Mike
Hellboy, The Amazing Screw-On Head, etc.

Moore, Alan
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, etc.
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