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LaFontaine, Don
Voiceover artist on countless movie trailers, TV ads, etc. Parodied himself in plenty of things, as well. Announcer on Fillmore!, etc.

LaMarche, Maurice
Father on Codename: Kids Next Door; Jeremy Hawke, Orson Welles, et al. on The Critic; Red Tornado on DC Super Hero Girls; Simion, et al. on Dexter's Lab; Longhorn, et al. on Freakazoid!; Kif, Morbo, Calculon, et al. on Futurama; Chief Quimby on Inspector Gadget; Chancellor Neighsay on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; the Brain on Pinky & the Brain; Tapper in Ralph Breaks the Internet; Magneto on Super Hero Squad Show; Alec Baldwin in Team America: World Police; the Fin and the Deadly Bulb on The Tick; Gus on Tripping the Rift; Master Fung in later seasons of Xiaolin Showdown; Mr. Big in Zootopia; and lots of other stuff too... LaMarr, Phil See actors L-M
The Earth King on Avatar: The Last Airbender; JARVIS et al. on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes; Lucius Fox and Killer Moth on DC Super Hero Girls (Dog Magnus in Intergalactic Games); Wilt on Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends; Hermes, Preacherbot, et al. on Futurama; Wood in Hoodwinked Too!; Green Lantern on Justice League; Gabe, Carny, Aqua Seneschal, et al. on Kaijudo; Ozzy on Ozzy & Drix; the title character on Samurai Jack; Randy and Robbie Robertson on The Spectacular Spider-Man; Bail Organa, Kit Fisto, et al. on Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Virgil/Static on Static Shock; Jazz on Transformers Animated; Gambit on Wolverine and the X-Men; etc...

Landau, Juliet See actresses L
Verdona, Lili Tennyson, et al. on Ben 10: Alien Force, Tala et al. on Justice League Unlimited.

Lander, David L. See actors L-M
Milo on Galaxy High School, Doc Boy in A Garfield Christmas, Da Shrimp on The Little Mermaid, a Filth in an episode of The Tick, a weasel in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, maybe some other stuff...

Lane, Nathan See actors L-M
Hamegg in the 2009 Astro Boy; Timon in The Lion King; Preed in Titan A.E..

Lang, Lex
Clayface, Metallo, Mayor Hill on The Batman, title character on Blue Dragon, Rick Flag in Justice League: The New Frontier, Goemon on Lupin the 3rd, Alan on MÄR, Hayate Gekko et al. on Naruto, Sanosuke on Rurouni Kenshin, Kimishima on s-CRY-ed, etc.

Lansbury, Angela See actresses L
Dowager Empress Marie in Anastasia, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Mommy Fortuna in The Last Unicorn.

La Placa, Alison See actresses L
Baby Doll in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

Lee, Christopher See actors L-M
Death in The Colour of Magic, Pastor Galswells in Corpse Bride, King Haggard in The Last Unicorn, Count Dooku in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, etc.

Lee, Wendee
Angel on
Big O; Tatsuki, Ururu, Yoruichi (human form), et al. on Bleach; Faye Valentine on Cowboy Bebop; Dorothy on MÄR; Sonia Sky on Megaman Star Force; Kiva on Megas XLR; Haruhi on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Chris on Mobile Suit Gundam 0080; Batch and Ms. Loon on Mon Colle Knights; Moegi et al. on Naruto; Kagero in Ninja Scroll; Twilight Suzuka on Outlaw Star; Rumi in Perfect Blue; Kachiro and Shiba on The Prince of Tennis; Yahiko on Rurouni Kenshin; Kiyone on Tenchi in Tokyo; Sprocket on Viewtiful Joe; etc.

Leigh, Cricket
Mai on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Leigh, Katie
Honker on Darkwing Duck; Sheila on Dungeons & Dragons; Rowlf on Muppet Babies; Alex on Totally Spies!; Captain Blue Jr. on Viewtiful Joe; etc. Lewis, Vicki See actresses L
Star Sapphire and Wonder Woman on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Serena on Ben 10: Alien Force, Iris West in Justice League: The New Frontier, Posey on Mission Hill, Persephone in Wonder Woman.

Libman, Andrea
Mileina Vashti on
Gundam 00; Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, et al. on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; etc.

Lien, Jennifer See actresses L
Valerie Fox in the first episode of The Critic, Elle on Men in Black. She was also on at least one of Adam Sandler's CDs...

Lillis, Rachael
Hela on Cubix, Boo on Now and Then, Here and There, Misty and Jessie on Pokemon (seasons 1-8), etc.

Liu, Lucy See actresses L
Sio in Afro Samurai: Resurrection; herself (or at least her head) on Futurama; adult Jade in an ep of Jackie Chan Adventures; Viper in the Kung Fu Panda movies (and series); Conformity in Michael Jackson's Halloween; Silvermist in the Tinker Bell movies; etc.

Lovitz, Jon See actors L-M
Chula in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West; Jay Sherman on The Critic; Quasimodo in Hotel Transylvania; the original voice of Red in M&M commercials (replaced by Billy West); Artie Ziff et al. on The Simpsons.

Lowe, George
Brak's Dad on The Brak Show, Space Ghost on Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, etc.

Lowenthal, Yuri
Jinno on
Afro Samurai; Red Robin in Batman Unlimited; Ben on Ben 10: Alien Force (and subsequent series); Keigo et al. on Bleach; Shu on Blue Dragon; Suzaku on Code Geass; Sena on Eyeshield 21; Simon on Gurren Lagann; Superman on Legion of Super Heroes; Alviss on MÄR; Zack on Megaman Star Force; Karl Neumann on Monster; Sasuke on Naruto; Yuu on Noein; Haru on Rave Master; Iceman on Wolverine and the X-Men; etc. Also he appears as himself (live-action) on Titansgrave. Lucas, David See Blum, Steve

Lumbly, Carl
Martian Manhunter on Justice League. I suppose I've seen him in some live-action stuff, but I don't remember it that well. Maybe someday I'll move his entry, but for now I'll leave it here.

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