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Tamblyn, Amber
I know her from Joan of Arcadia; and The Unusuals; and a small role in The Ring; and The Grudge 2. And I'd like to see more of her work sometime...

Tamura, Eriko
She was in several episodes of season two of
Heroes, and then there was season two of Reaper. And Dragonball Evolution. Taylor, Holland
I know her from
Romancing the Stone; and The Jewel of the Nile; and The Powers That Be; and The Naked Truth; and The Truman Show; and Legally Blonde; and The Practice; and a small role in an episode of The Orville; and an ep of Speechless; and Bill & Ted Face the Music; and Spy Kids 2; and surely other things I've forgotten. Taylor, Lili
I know her from
Say Anything...; and Almost Human; and The Conjuring; and an IFC commercial; and probably stuff I've forgotten (maybe). Taylor-Isherwood, Emma
I liked her in Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. Might be nice to see more of her work. Temple, Shirley
I've only seen her in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, when she was like 19, which is way older than she was for her most famous roles. I liked her in that, but I should probably see her earlier films, someday. Theron, Charlize
I know her from
That Thing You Do!; and The Cider House Rules; and Snow White and the Huntsman; and a few eps of Arrested Development; and an ep of The Orville; and Atomic Blonde; and Prometheus; and she voiced Morticia in The Addams Family; and Kubo's mother and Monkey in Kubo and the Two Strings. Thompson, Emma
I know her from a very minor role in
My Father the Hero; and Much Ado About Nothing; and An Education; and Men in Black 3; and a very small role in I Am Legend; and Stranger than Fiction; and Beautiful Creatures; and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; and Saving Mr. Banks; and Beauty and the Beast; and Cruella; and Nanny McPhee. Also she voiced Amelia in Treasure Planet; and Elinor in Brave; and the Yeti Elder in Missing Link. And I'm sure I must've seen her in other things. Thompson, Lea
I know her from the
Back to the Future movies; and Howard the Duck; and Caroline in the City. Thompson, Tessa
I know her from
Veronica Mars; and When a Stranger Calls; and The Initiation of Sarah; and Thor: Ragnarok; and Men in Black International; and voice work in Lady and the Tramp. Thornton, Sigrid
I liked her on
Paradise, and always hoped to see her in something else. But when I finally did see her in Inspector Gadget 2, I failed to even recognize her. Thurman, Uma
I know her from The Avengers (movie remake of the TV series); and
Pulp Fiction; and Batman & Robin; and Gattaca; and My Super Ex-Girlfriend; and Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief; and Hollywood Stargirl; and Beautiful Girls; and probably some stuff I don't remember. She voiced Kushana in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Tierney, Maura
I know her from
704 Hauser; and NewsRadio; and Liar, Liar; and Finding Amanda; and an episode of Electric Dreams. I'd certainly like to see more of her work. Tilly, Jennifer
Hmmm. I feel like I must've seen her in stuff I can't remember, though I may sometimes confuse her with her sister Meg. But um, there was Liar Liar. I'm vaguely aware of her from Bride of Chucky, which is weird because I've never really watched any Chucky movies. And there's
The Cat's Meow; and Bart Got a Room; an episode of Modern Family; and the remake of the TV movie The Initiation of Sarah; and The Haunted Mansion; plus some voice work. Todd, Hallie
I quite liked her portrayal of Data's daughter Lal in an episode of
Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also liked her as Lizzie's mom in Lizzie McGuire. And there was the TV movie The Ultimate Christmas Present. Tolman, Allison
I know her from
Krampus; and Downward Dog; and a couple episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and Good Girls; and Emergence; and the short film Return to Sender. Tomei, Marisa
I probably saw her on
A Different World (but I don't really remember). But I know her from Oscar; and My Cousin Vinny; and Captain America: Civil War; and some Spider-Man movies; and Laboratory Conditions. And I feel like I must have seen her in other things, but probably I was just aware of her being in things that I didn't see. Tomita, Tamlyn
I know her from
The Karate Kid Part II; and Babylon 5: The Gathering; a few eps of Eureka; a couple episodes of Heroes; a few episodes of Glee; and surely I've seen her in some other stuff, which I don't really remember. Torres, Gina
I know her from
Angel, and Firefly, and Serenity, and an episode of Castle. Also some voice work. Torresani, Alessandra
I know her from
Caprica; and an episode of Warehouse 13; and an ep of Lucifer; and a recurring role in season 9 of The Big Bang Theory; and a couple eps of American Horror Story. Trachtenberg, Michelle
I know her from
Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and Harriet the Spy; and Inspector Gadget; and Ice Princess; and an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent; and an ep of Sleepy Hollow; and EuroTrip. Tracy, Keegan Connor
I know her from
Jake 2.0; and several eps of Battlestar Galactica; and a couple eps of Supernatural (as different characters in each episode); and a couple eps of The 4400; and an ep of Eureka; and a recurring role on Once Upon a Time; and Bates Motel; and a minor role in Descendants; and Final Destination 2; and maybe some other stuff. Travis, Nancy
I know her from Three Men and a Baby (and its sequel); and
So I Married an Axe Murderer; and Greedy; and Almost Perfect; and Becker; and Rose Red. Also she did a voice on Duckman. Tunney, Robin
I know her from
Empire Records; and The Craft; and Cherish; and Prison Break; and Hollywoodland. Turco, Paige
I know her from
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II and III; and American Gothic; and The 100; and Books of Blood. Turner, Janine
Quite liked her on Northern Exposure. Shame that's pretty much all I've seen her in. Turner, Kathleen
I know her from
Romancing the Stone; and The Jewel of the Nile; and Switching Channels; and Peggy Sue Got Married; and as the voice of Jessica in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And I know I've seen her in some other things that I don't clearly remember, but would like to see again someday. Tyler, Liv
I know her from maybe a couple of Aerosmith videos; and the
Lord of the Rings movies; and Empire Records; and Jersey Girl; and The Incredible Hulk; and That Thing You Do! And I've probably seen her in some other stuff that doesn't really spring to mind. Ubach, Alanna
I know her from
Beakman's World; and Karroll's Christmas; and Waiting...; and a minor role in Legally Blonde (and its sequel). And she's done some voice work, like Manny on El Tigre; and Liz on The Spectacular Spider-Man; and Imelda in Coco. Ullman, Tracey
I know her from an episode of
Love & War; and I Could Never Be Your Woman; and the last few eps of How I Met Your Mother; and Into the Woods; and probably some other stuff that I can't remember. Also there was the song They Don't Know. And I some voice work, including The Tale of Despereaux. Seriously, though, I feel like I've seen her in a lot more than this. (I'm afraid I never had a chance to see "The Tracey Ullman Show," but I've always been aware that it's where The Simpsons got its start.) VanCamp, Emily
I know her from
Glory Days, and Everwood (but I didn't see much of that), and Revenge, and a relatively minor role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (which becomes more important in Civil War). And I certainly hope to see her in the future... Vassey, Liz
She was in FOX's live-action version of
The Tick; and, I dunno, plenty of other stuff. I vaguely recall one year I saw her guest star on a bunch of different shows. And she's been in some of her own shows and TV movies. There was Maximum Bob; and The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space; and Brotherly Love; and season 2 of Tru Calling; and an episode of Castle; and she voiced Lobstercules in season 2 of Amazon's The Tick. Vayntrub, Milana
I know her from a bunch of
AT&T commercials; and Other Space; and Wrestling Isn't Wrestling; and Werewolves Within; and voice work in the Marvel Rising franchise. Vega, Alexa
Apparently she was in
Evening Shade, but I'm afraid I don't remember her from that (she would have been very young at the time). But I do know her from Odd Girl Out; and the Spy Kids movies; and Sleepover; and The Tomorrow People. Visitor, Nana
I know her from
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; and a recurring role in Dark Angel. I also sort of vaguely recall one time watching an old tape of an episode of Max Monroe: Loose Cannon, and was surprised to see her as a guest star, since I'd gotten to know her from DS9 later on... That was cool. I was also happy to see her in Wildfire, though unfortunately I quickly lost interest in the series and stopped watching. Then there were a couple eps of Torchwood: Miracle Day; and an episode of Grimm. von Oÿ, Jenna
I know her from
Lenny; and Blossom; and she voiced Stacey in A Goofy Movie. I don't think I've really seen her in anything since then, which is rather a shame.
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