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Cameron, Dove
I know her from Descendants; and Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls; and Hairspray Live!; and Agents of SHIELD; and voice work in Marvel Rising.

Campbell, Neve
I know her from Party of Five; and Scream; and The Craft; and Wild Things; and The Canterville Ghost; and Reefer Madness; and The Company; and probably some other stuff. I do remember quite enjoying her opening monologue one time when she hosted Mad TV. Caplan, Lizzy
I know her from
Mean Girls; and True Blood; and a few eps of New Girl; and Item 47; and surely some other things that I've forgotten. Cardellini, Linda
I know her from
Freaks and Geeks; and the live-action Scooby-Doo movies; and a very small role in Dead Man on Campus; and a minor role in Legally Blonde; and a few eps of New Girl; and Avengers: Age of Ultron and some other movies in the MCU, as well as the web series Hawkeye; and Muppets Now; and The Curse of La Llorona. She voiced Nasthalthia in All-Star Superman. Carpenter, Charisma
Mainly know her from
Buffy and Angel. There's also season 2 of Veronica Mars; and an episode of Supernatural; and See Jane Date; and a minor role in The Expendables; and an ep of Lucifer. Carrere, Tia
There were the Wayne's World movies,
True Lies, some voice work, and I must have seen her in some other things I don't remember. Carter, Dixie
I know her best from
Designing Women, but before that there was a season and a half of Diff'rent Strokes. Before that there was an episode of Greatest American Hero, but I didn't see that until much later. Carter, Lynda
I know her from
Sky High, and I've always wanted to see "Wonder Woman", but haven't had the chance. Cartwright, Angela
I know her from
Lost in Space; and The Sound of Music. Caulfield, Emma
I know her from
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and season 2 of Life Unexpected, and a small role in an episode of Once Upon a Time (in season one, and several episodes in season five), and an ep of Supergirl. Chabert, Lacey
I know her from
Party of Five; and the Lost in Space movie; and Mean Girls; and Hello Sister, Goodbye Life; and some voice work. Chalke, Sarah
I know her from
Roseanne; and I've Been Waiting For You; and several eps of How I Met Your Mother; and Mad Love; and an ep of Speechless; and she voiced Magee in Prep & Landing. Channing, Stockard
I know her from
Grease; and Practical Magic; and Must Love Dogs; and she voiced Barbara Gordon on Batman Beyond. And probably some stuff I've forgotten. Chao, Rosalind
I know her from
AfterMASH; and Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine; and a recurring role as Dr. Kim on The O.C.; and a brief but lovely role in What Dreams May Come; and a few eps of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23; a couple eps of The Neighbors; an ep of Forever, an ep of Castle; and Plus One. That's probably about it, but I feel like I've seen her in other stuff, and I'd certainly like to see more of her work. Chase, Daveigh
She was wonderfully creepy in
The Ring, though I didn't see that until 12 years after it came out. Before I ever saw that, I saw her in Donnie Darko (which I also didn't see until 12 years after it came out) and S. Darko. And there was some voice work. I'm sure I'd like to see more of her work. Chenoweth, Kristin
I know her from
Pushing Daisies; and a few episodes of Glee; and a smallish role in Bewitched; and Hairspray Live; and Descendants; and season 2 of Trial & Error. And she appeared as herself in It's Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown. There's also some voice work. And there's a Christmas CD she put out that I like.... Chlumsky, Anna
I basically just know her for the
My Girl movies, but I quite liked her in those (and I must have seen her in some things that I don't remember). And she's done other things I'd like to see. Chung, Jamie
I know her from
Dragonball Evolution; and Once Upon a Time; and Samurai Girl; and Believe; and Sucker Punch (though that wasn't much of a role); and The Man with the Iron Fists; and Gotham (season 3); and The Gifted; and an episode of Storytime with... . And she voiced GoGo in Big Hero 6; and Misa in Star Wars: Visions. Cole, Lily
I've seen her as a model in some magazine ads, but I mainly think of her as an actress (probably because I'm not from England, or else because I don't care that much about models). I know her from
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus; and an episode of Doctor Who; and Snow White & the Huntsman. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Colin, Margaret
I know her from
Leg Work; and Now & Again; and Independence Day. Collette, Toni
I know her from
Emma; and The Sixth Sense; and Little Miss Sunshine; and The Way Way Back; and Enough Said; and Krampus; and Please Stand By; and Knives Out; and voice work The Boxtrolls. Combs, Holly Marie
I loved her in
Picket Fences. I'm afraid I haven't really watched Charmed, but I'd like to check it out sometime. And you know, other stuff she might be in... Connelly, Jennifer
I know her from
Labyrinth; and Phenomena; and The Rocketeer; and Career Opportunities; and The Hulk; and Little Children; and Requiem for a Dream; and Creation;. and a very small role in Inkheart; and The Day the Earth Stood Still (which I only saw part of); and Inventing the Abbotts (which I saw once but don't really remember); and A Beautiful Mind; and Alita: Battle Angeol. And she voiced 7 in 9; and Karen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Cook, Rachael Leigh
I know her from She's All That; and
Josie and the Pussycats; and a few episodes of Psych; and Nancy Drew. Also voice work in Titan Maximum; and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Cooke, Olivia
I know her from
Bates Motel; and The Limehouse Golem. I'd like to see more of her work. Coolidge, Jennifer
I know her from
American Pie; and Legally Blonde (and its sequel); and A Cinderella Story; and Joey; and a couple eps of Glee; and a minor role in Alexander and the... Very Bad Day; and voice work in Robots; and Igor; and maybe some other stuff. Cosgrove, Miranda
I mainly know her from
iCarly. Before that, I saw a bit of Drake & Josh (enough to think she's the closest thing the show had to a decent actor). There's also School of Rock, and Crowded. And voice work in Despicable Me. Cotillard, Marion
I know her from
Big Fish; and La Vie en Rose; and Inception; and The Dark Knight Rises. Cox, Courteney
I know her from Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" video (though I wouldn't know who she was until long after that came out); and
Friends; and the Scream movies; and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Craig, Yvonne
I think I basically just know her from Batman, which I don't remember that well but would like to see more of. Curtin, Jane
I know her from
Kate & Allie, and 3rd Rock From the Sun, and a little bit of old-school SNL, and The Librarian; and voice work in Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom. Curtis, Jamie Lee
I know her from
Halloween; and Prom Night; and A Fish Called Wanda; and The Fog; and My Girl; and Trading Places; and True Lies; and a few eps of New Girl; and a minor role in the Veronica Mars movie; and Scream Queens; and Everything Everywhere All at Once; and Knives Out; and probably some other stuff. Cusack, Joan
I know her from High Fidelity; and Grosse Pointe Blank; and
Ice Princess; and Addams Family Values; and Kit Kittredge; and Say Anything...; and The Perks of Being a Wallflower; and School of Rock; and Looney Tunes: Back in Action. And she voiced Jessie in Toy Story 2 (and sequels); and Milo's mom in Mars Needs Moms; and Verushka in Hoodwinked Too!. And I've probably seen various other things, too...
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