tek's links: actors & actresses

Favorites: This page will include entries for my favorite actors and actresses, obviously. But for my favorite voice actors, it will just have links to the VA pages that contain their main entries. Similarly, the VA pages will include some people whose main entries are on the regular actor/actress pages, which are linked to from the VA pages. The VA pages will also include (goldstars) next to the names of those who appear on my favorites page. There will also be, not only on the VA pages but on all the actor and actress pages, names which have (greenballs), for "near favorites," next to them. But make no mistake, there are plenty of people without greenballs whose work I quite like, so I feel a bit... uncertain what to do. Except to say here and now, I want everyone to understand that, if I have an entry for someone on these pages at all, I felt them worthy of inclusion here. Obviously.

Works: Between each name and the list of that person's links, I try to list any shows, movies, etc., that I've seen (or heard) people in, but I will no doubt forget some things I've seen, and sometimes when I see something new, I'll forget to add a mention of it here. My humblest apologies for that, as if anyone cares. (These works will be in italics; any works for which I have reviews on my site, will also be links to those reviews.)

Voice actors: It should be noted that while there are many people who've done voice work but have also done live-action stuff I've seen, there are also many voice actors for whom I've seen little or no live-action work. They'll most likely just be mentioned on the voice actor pages. However, any actors whose main entries are in the regular actor and actress pages that mention voice work... may include mention of some shows or movies I've heard them in, or they may not. Either way, it's best that you look for them in the voice actor pages, as well. There I should have a more complete list of animated (or other types of voice work) shows or movies I've heard them in. (Also note that many of the actors I only include on the voice actor pages may be equally or better known for live-action work, even if I'm not familiar with it.)

Unfamiliar: This just means actresses of whose work I am at least vaguely aware, and I'd like to see some of it someday, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Some of them I may have seen something of, but not enough that I felt like I could put them on one of the regular pages, or else I just couldn't quite remember them, or... I dunno. There are some that are fairly obscure to me, and some I feel are actually very familiar, though mostly just because of coverage in entertainment magazines and what have you....

Links: Whenever possible, I include links for each actor to Behind the Voice Actors, The Internet Broadway Database (IBDB), The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Northern Stars, The Notable Names Database (NNDB), TV Tropes, Voice Chasers, and Wikipedia. I also try to include links to fanlistings, but generally only if they're listed on TFL. (It bears noting that fanlistings often disappear or change servers, so my links may be outdated in many cases.) For actresses, I sometimes include links to Cult Sirens or Silver Screen Sirens. I also try to include links to fansites (which can also come and go). Of course, I try to include links to official websites, but I won't always be entirely sure if a site is truly official or not. Sometimes I'll say it is and I could be wrong. Sometimes I won't say it, and it may be. *shrug*.

One final note before you delve into the actual links pages. I wanted to advise viewer discretion: some sites to which I link may contain explicit images and/or language. I take no responsibility for such things, so... click at your own risk.

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