Knock knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting Earth Alliance mobile armor pilot.
Interrupting Earth Alli-

-contributed by ektomage,
July, 2004

Did you hear about the opera singer who was disappeared by the ISC after her fiftieth performance?

They didn't want her singing aria 51.

-contributed by Captain Grey,
October 21, 1999

So there was this fisherman who went out in his boat one day, and he brought along two buckets- one filled with worms for fish, and one filled with gummi worms to snack on himself. He thought this would be kinda funny. But the joke was on him, however, when he absent-mindedly reached into the wrong bucket and started chewing on some real worms.

He never did catch anything, but he still sat out there trying all day, waiting with baited breath...

-contributed by D'Ward,
October 21, 1999

One ISC agent says to another, "If a saucer crashes halfway between Arizona and New Mexico, where do we bury the survivors?"

Replies the other, "Anywhere we want."

-contributed by Captain Grey,
March 14, 1999

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