Victor DeSabel (2238-2285) and Francesca Savoy (2241-2339) of Paris married in 2263. They were scientists on Regula One. Victor was killed in Khan's attack, but Francesca was in Paris, helping their son Hercule DeSabel (2265-?) move into the university. Hercule studied there to become a scientist, like his parents.

In his third year of studies, Hercule met a fellow student named Molly Monihan. They fell in love, and married in 2290, a year after graduation. They got jobs at the same lab in Paris. They had two children, Thomas Vincoer DeSabel (2300-2363) and Colleen Dannon DeSabel (2307-?).

In 2327, Colleen married an architect named Peter Allain. Colleen was an artist, and sometimes helped Peter with his designs.

Thomas, a stellar cartographer on the U.S.S. Curie, became the third generation scientist of the DeSabels, and the first to join Starfleet. He was 44 when he met Carol Tiberius Marcus. They married five years later (2349), and in 2350 had a son, Jax Kirk DeSabel.


You all know James T. Kirk (2233-2371?), and to a lesser extent, Carol Marcus and their son, David Marcus (2261-2285). You also know Saavik, with whom David had a daughter, Carol Tiberius Marcus (2286-2363).

At age 18 , she went to the Vulcan Science Academy, having grown up on Vulcan. She majored in Computer Sciences, and graduated top of her class at age 22. She worked at Utopia Planitia for around 28 years. Then she decided one day that she was tired of helping build ships she'd never get to fly on, and decided to change that.

She joined Starfleet, graduating in just 2 years, in 2338. She served on the Starfleet science vessel the U.S.S. Curie. She became a lieutenant, and chief of Computer Sciences on the Curie in 2341. In 2343, she became a Lt. Commmander and chief science officer on the Curie.

In 2344, the old chief of stellar cartography retired, and was replaced by a man who had just transferred onto the Curie: Lt. Tom DeSabel. In 2349, they married, and in september of 2350, they had a son, Jax Kirk DeSabel.


Sean Monihan (2242-2342) and Margaret Dannon (2243-2347) of Dublin married in 2259. They ran a pub called the Fourth O' March (named for the holiday- which i made up- celebrating the day in 2024 when Ireland reunified). Sean and Maggie had four children- Molly (2260-?), Sean Jr.(2265-2371), Travis (2273-?), and Christie (2276-?).

Molly married Hercule DeSabel in 2290, and moved to Paris. They were the parents of Tom and Colleen DeSabel, and Tom was the father of Jax.

Sean was the only Monihan sibling who never married. He and his sister Christie worked together on a small merchant ship called the Destiny Dog.

In 2318, Travis married one of the barmaids at the Fourth O' March, Shanna O'Connor (2280-?). They currently run the Fourth O' March. They had a son named Tristan (2325-?) who joined the TDF, and he's now a captain. He flies a one-man fighter called the Seventeenth O' March, the lead ship in a squadron of Dragons.

In 2348, Tristan married Tracy McKay (2330-?), who works on the a merchant ship called the Robert April. Tristan and Tracy have two children, Jacen Daniel Monihan and Loria Nerys Monihan. Jacen was born August 20, 2350, and Loria was born September 3, 2358.

In 2307, Christie married a merchant from Alpha Centauri, DaBruce Kallerinth (2276-?). Christie is only slightly less mysterious than her brother Sean, with whom she worked. She and DaBruce had a daughter, Denise Kallerinth (2312-?).

Denise is an engineer in Starfleet. She met a lawyer and fellow officer named Jaak Luukarn (2306-?), an Andorian. They married in 2345, but as yet have had no children.

Their best friends were also starfleet officers: Denise's cousin Tom DeSabel and his wife, Carol. Denise and Jaak became godparents to the DeSabels' son Jax, who would come to call them G.M. and G.D., for GodMom and GodDad.

Jean-Paul Allain(2276-?) and Belinda LaCroix(2279-?) of Paris married in 2299. They had three children, Peter (2305-?), Georgianne (2317-?), and Robert (2320-?).

Peter married Colleen DeSabel in 2327. They never had children, though they raised Colleen's nephew Jax DeSabel until he was 11.

In 2350, Georgianne married Rojer Esteban (2322-?) of Barcelona, where they and their son Valjean (2359-?) currently live.

In 2360, Robert married Natalia Dimitrivich (2326-?), and they had a daughter, Mireille Vanessa Allain (2375-?).

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