In 2370, Jax DeSabel, Sam Lator, and Alex Franx acquired a used Runabout that was all but destroyed, and in their spare time they fixed it up. They made a few of their own improvements, as well. They called it the Musketeer

In 2372, during the Imperium War, Starfleet commissioned a new line of Musketeer-Class Runabouts, and Jax, Sam, and Alex were in charge of the project. They added still more modifications on the new line, but not as many as they added to their own ship.

Among the modifications on the Musketeer are: maximum emergency speed of warp 11 on the new warp scale; enhanced IMPulse drive; transwarp conduit generators; enhanced anti-weaponry and metaphasic shields; cloak/phase cloak; quantum torpedo launchers; engines that could operate on di- or trilithium; advanced maneuvering thrusters; antiburst miniprobes; auto ship repair technology; and artificial wormhole net generators.

In 2377, (in the Original Rounder Trilogy continuity) the Musketeer got a stand-alone artificial wormhole generator, with a special inter-universe coordinate option.

Of course, this is a regular, unmodified, Danube-class Runabout, whereas the Musketeer has had extensive modifications.