Biography: Jax Kirk DeSabel
Grade School Years

Jax spent the rest of the week trying to get Uncle Sean to tell him about his work, but there were always inconvenient other people around. On the last day, just before leaving, Sean pulled Jax aside and promised that someday, when Jax was older, he'd let him come along on a work trip with Christie and him. Then he left, and Jax didn't see him again for about six years.

That fall, Jax started first grade, back in Paris. Some weekends, he'd transport to Dublin to visit the Monihans. Usually the only ones there were Travis, Shanna, and Jacen. Jacen and Jax became great friends over the years, best friends. (And I s'pose it wouldn't hurt to mention that in 2358, Jacen got a little sister when Loria was born, and I might's well throw in that in 2359, a cousin, Valjean Esteban, was born to Peter's sister, Georgianne Allain and her husband Rojer; they lived, as I believe, in Barcelona, Spain.)

But Jax made other friends, too, at school. He never had very many. He was always acquainted with lots of kids, but never was really close to more than a few. He was always the smartest kid in his grade, and often smarter than kids in grades above him.

Note: I may want to write some stories about Jax and some of his friends set in the "intermediate years," but not now, and probably no time soon. I once made up names of a few of his friends during these years, but I won't mention them here. I'll hold on to what I previously wrote to refer to in case I want to write about them later, or I may just decide to change this stuff when I eventually write about it... I will however mention that one friend was Jynar Linkoth, who was in third grade when Jax was in first.

Jax skipped fifth and sixth grades, going straight to seventh after fourth. He would now have been in the same grade as Jynar, except that Jynar skipped two grades himself, and went to high school.

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