My scans/snaps

Gosh it's nice to finally have a scanner. And a camera phone. So, you know, I can scan or snap some images. And say a bit about them, while I'm at it.

Ashley Judd. You can see up near her hat where I had this tacked to the wall. Several times, apparently, I really don't remember re-tacking it so much. It's been sitting in a folder for years now, anyway. Or in a shoe box before that, I dunno. Also I remember one time when it was on the wall, a dart hit her in the knee. I have no idea how that happened, as the picture was nowhere near the dart board. I don't remember if it was me or someone else who threw the dart, either. But in any event, I still think it's a nice picture, and I've never seen it anywhere on the Net, so... here it is.

This is an ad for a concert, which I think must've been in Rolling Stone years ago, and I saved it, not because I had any interest in any of the bands, but because I've always loved anime. I don't actually recognize this here girl at all, so if anyone can tell me who she is, I'd be much obliged. But then for all I know, it could be just something someone drew for the ad, and not taken from any specific anime. I dunno. Not terribly important, I suppose. I am rather annoyed, though, that it has a couple rips in it. One, across the middle of her face, the whole page was ripped at some point, years ago. And the D in Dinosaur Jr. ripped just today as I was going to scan it. Sigh.

Always liked Teri Garr, and here's a picture of her that's been in a TV Guide 'malgazine of mine for years and years. You can tell it's gotten rather wrinkled, because... well, that just tends to happen to pictures in 'malgazines. It's a messy art, always pasting and taping together pages and cuttings from various magazines to make a 'malgazine, and possibly removing some old things, adding new things, totally changing things over the years. Yes, a very messy business indeed...

Something from a magazine I had at some point. I don't even remember what magazine it was. But I saved this fake ad because I found it awfully amusing.

Years and years and years ago, I borrowed a comics miniseries from someone, which was about the Infinity Gauntlet. There've been various series about it, I suppose, but thus far I've only had a chance to read the one. Anyway, at some point after reading it, I glued some fake gemstones to an old glove, thus creating the Infinity Glove! The orange gem on the pinky gives power over Time, the purple gem on the ring finger gives power over Space, the blue gem on the middle finger gives power over Mind, the yellow gem on the index finger gives power over Reality, the red gem on the thumb gives... uh, Power... and the green gem on the back of the hand gives power over Soul. I have a drawing I made, which I keep folded up in the middle finger of the glove. To reMIND me of all this.

I remember reading a review of "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt, in TIME magazine back in 1992 (from my high school's library), which included this picture of Tartt. I thought it was cool, and the book sounded good. It wasn't until years later that I finally read the book (see my review). But I never managed to find this pic online anywhere. Finally, in 2010, I ordered a back-issue of TIME, just to scan the pic myself.

Well, I guess that's all for now, but you can also check out a few of my Tekno Comix Scans, if you're interested... No doubt I shall add to this page at some point....

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