Conspiracy & Paranormal Lexicon

(Much of what I write on my grey pages may be tongue-in-cheek, stuff I make up myself... But I'll try to make most of the stuff on this page fairly accurate and consistent with the established facts & theories in the community. -Grey)

Allende, Carl = aka Carl Allen. See Philadephia Experiment.

Area 51 = A secret U.S. government facility in Nevada. No one is certain what it's for, but many people seem to think they keep aliens there, captured or rescued from the Roswell crash.

Cryptozoology = The scientific study (or search for evidence) of animals whose existence has yet to be proven to the satisfaction of the general scientific community.

E.B.E. = Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity. In other words, alien life form.

Freemasonry = Society founded around 1717 in London by the Masons. Often considered a secret society, one of the earliest such organizations.

Greys = Most famous aliens. Very thin, with big heads and big, black eyes, long fingers. Possibly telepathic. Seem to do most of the abducting of humans and experimenting on cows and stuff.

Groom Lake, Nevada = Area 51 is located here.

Hangar 18 = Building in Dayton, Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where debris and aliens recovered from the Roswell crash were supposed to have been taken prior to being moved to their permanent home at Area 51.

Illuminati = Secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria. They used conspiracy and secrecy to attempt to form a more just community than the one in which they found themselves, and to modernize Germany. They infiltrated a few other secret societies, but were destroyed in the 1780s. Many conspiracy theorists, however, believe they merely went underground, and still exist, controlling various other secret societies, and through them, the world.

Jessup, Morris K. = See Philadelphia Experiment.

Knights Templar = A montastic military order formed at the end of the First Crusade. Grew rich, powerful, and influential. King Philip of France had all the Templars arrested on charges of heresy in 1307, fearing their growing power. Many consider them the original secret society, and even believe the organization still exists.

MUFON = Mutual UFO Network, founded in 1969 to research and investigate reports of unidentified flying objects. Generally true believers with a healthy scientific skepticism, although individual members may go to either extreme.

Philadelphia Experiment = Supposed Naval invisibility experiment in 1943 on the USS Eldridge, which accidentally resulted in teleporting the destroyer from Philadelphia to Norfolk.

Roswell, N.M. = An alien craft is supposed to have crashed here in July, 1947. This is the most famous UFO crash ever.

Secret societies = There are more of these than I could possibly tell you, or even be aware of. What do they do? What are their goals? Will they take over the world, or do they already control it? These and many other questions... have no answers. If they did, the societies would hardly be secret, would they?

UFO = Unidentified Flying Object. This may mean "flying saucer" or other possible spacecraft, but really it just means anything flying that... you can't identify. It could be aircraft of terrestrial origin. It could be birds, or swamp gas, or weather balloons, or hoaxes, or any number of things.

Ufology = The study of UFO sightings.

Varo Edition = See Philadelphia Experiment.

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