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Here I will try to list and briefly describe for you what little I know of various extra-terrestrial races. This will be an ongoing project, and may never be complete. (I forget alot of stuff, let alone all the things I never learn in the first place.)

To be perfectly honest, I don't know much of anything about them. Most of anything one hears seems quite likely to be myth or misinformation. I get the impression they're very secretive about themselves, though I'm sure they are well-known to the other alien races. Or at least I assume they must be; but one rumor I've heard is that they have never belonged to either the Alliance or the Sac'tra, but that they've always been entirely independent. They may even be at war with both sides, or they might be isolationist and have nothing to do with anyone. Another common perception is that they are a reptilian race. I have heard very little disagreement over this, but I'm still hesitant to accept it as absolute fact.

What I can tell you for certain about them is that they are a warlike race; or rather, they are very rule-oriented. They have very little tolerance for anyone not following the rules and laws, and chances are that their own laws are stricter than those of either the Alliance or the Sac'tra. Another thing I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt is that they make some damned powerful weapons. The most famous of these, as far as I know, is the Draconian Blaster, a weapon which is hard to classify. It's much too large to be called a hand gun, yet too short and... I guess I'd say "stocky..." to be a rifle or shotgun. Its ammunition is somewhere between being slugs and energy bolts; I really couldn't describe it very well. It has various settings. The lowest seems to be "kill a person in about the messiest way possible," and the highest is something like "hey, wasn't there a large military transport in the sky a second ago?" It's not as heavy as it looks, but it looks pretty heavy. And... I don't know what else to say about Draconians or their Blasters, or any other of their weapons.

I occasionally attempt to investigate a rumor I've heard that they may have occupied a powerful coalition of city-states roughly around the time of the Peloponnesian War, but I've never found any evidence to support that.

There is a possibility that their homeworld was destroyed, but that might just be a rumor. They are a rather advanced race, technologically, one of the earliest in the galaxy to develop interstellar travel, I believe.

Anyway, they were one of the founding races of the Galactic Alliance, but they've made enemies, from time to time. It's said that the Greys hated them for some reason that's never been adequately explained to any other race, and there was a war between them in the early days of the Alliance, or perhaps even before it was founded. It might have been around that time, or much later, that their homeworld might or might not have been destroyed. But in any event, it is known that some or all of them settled for a time on Mars. This was anywhere from a hundred years to a few months before the founding of the IERO on Earth in the late 19th century. As far as I know, there had never been sentient life on Mars before that, or at least not since before the Sac'tra attack seven thousand years ago. But it is also my understanding that no terraforming was involved, that it had been perfectly habitable when the Greens moved in. But the planet was left uninhabitable after an event that forced them to leave again. I'm not sure when that was. It may have been shortly after the formation of the IERO, or it may have been in the first few decades of the 20th century. That's something else I keep meaning to investigate further; whatever the case, it would be a story in its own right, and not something which need be included on this page.

There are rumors that a race was cloned from the Greens by the Sac'tra, and that those clones are indoctrinated from birth to believe in the Sac'tra philosophy whole-heartedly and unwaveringly. The rumor holds that these clones are the only Greens represented in the Sac'tra. Others dismiss this notion, and say that any of that race in the Sac'tra are not clones, and have chosen to join them voluntarily. Or, of course, were born on Sac'tra worlds; most of those join the Sac'tra, though if anyone disagrees with their families, they're free to defect to the Alliance as soon as they're of age. I've occasionally gotten the impression that there is some other rumor concerning clones and Greens which I've so far not become privy to.

Most of my research suggests that it was the Greens who were shot down over Roswell in 1947, although I've come across several enigmatic references to another, unnamed race, which might have been the crash victims, rather than them. More on this if and when it becomes available.

What with their being the most famous alien race in popular modern mythology, there is an overabundance of misinformation about them. Countless theories, both the fictional and the supposedly realistic, make it very difficult to ferret out any actual truth. It seems likely that they do, in fact, possess the faculty for telepathy, although they also have a verbal language. They are a very scientific-minded people, highly analytical and some might say logical. (Although, of course, what constitutes "logic" is far more subjective than most people, especially most Star Trek fans, tend to believe.) While it would be unfair to say that the Greys have no emotions, most of those emotions are not exactly the ones held most important by most humans, and do not necessarily manifest themselves in the way they generally do in humans. Their greatest emotion is curiosity, their greatest love is for knowledge. They want to understand all they can about how the Universe and everything in it works.

The Greys are one of the major races of the Sac'tra, but not because of the two major points of that philosophy. The first point, about taking the bad with the good, is of little interest to them because they don't exactly believe in those concepts, although they do devote a fair amount of research into what other races call "good and evil." The second point, about adding depth to art, is of little interest to them because art to them has little to do with reality, except as a reflection of how individuals and races perceive reality. They devote a relatively small amount of research to art. The thing that attracts them to the Sac'tra movement is the opportunity to conduct various types of experiments that would otherwise be impossible. However, as with all races within the Sac'tra, there is a greater number of them who are a part of the Alliance.

A major misconception is that it was a Grey ship that crashed at Roswell. A group of Greys were involved in helping the new order establish itself in the IERO, and they wanted the general public- that is, those who would believe in such things- to believe that it was Greys who crashed at that site. Perhaps sometime I'll try to provide you with more detailed information on that.

I believe there is a sizable Terran population on their world, settlers from before the attack on Earth seven thousand years ago, as well as other Terrans who'd been offword at the time, and were displaced, unable to return home. The Rigellians, I think, are more or less human in appearance, and it is possible that all of them are in fact Terran colonists, though the descendants of the original colonists may have genetically diverged somewhat over the generations, because of the differences in the planet's environment (as is the case with some of the aliens who've been stuck on Earth since the Ice Age). Or, the original inhabitants might be indigenous. I have heard that Rigel is home to peoples of various pigmentations, including most of those found on Earth, and possibly a few others not seen here.

The Rigellians are in many ways a very diverse group, about as much so as are people on Earth today. There are a great many of them in the Sac'tra, and a great many in the Alliance. Trying to give information about them would be like trying to give information about humans; there's just way too much to say, even if I don't know much of it.

I will say this: they make some damned good ale. Most connoisseurs of interplanetary cuisine and/or beverages, especially alcoholic beverages, tend to haughtily call Rigellian Ale an "obvious" choice, and not really all that distinctive. They say it's been copied to death, even by brewers on Earth (Samuel Adams, for example). Personally, I say there's a reason it's the obvious choice in most beer contests, and a reason it's been copied so much; though no one ever makes it quite as good as the original Rigellian stuff. If you can ever get ahold of some, I highly recommend it.

The beings known terrestrially as Vampyres are mutated, different from those of their race who have always lived on their own homeworld. The mutation is partly due to the effects of the Sac'tra superweapon, and partly due to many generations of exposure to the environment of Earth. Here is what modern Terran Vampyres have in common with their distant cousins:

(And bear in mind, also, that the paranormal investigations side of my work will have turned up facts that may not all be in the strictest keeping with the various theories and "facts" you may have heard elsewhere about Vampyres...) They are both, on average, about three times stronger than the average human, although the true aliens tend to be a bit stronger than the average Vampyre. Their homeworld's gravity is about half a gee higher than Earth's; in large part because of this (but also owing to other influences), their species developed denser muscle tissue than the human race. This is a trait which the Vampyres who developed on Earth over the generations following the Sac'tra-induced Ice Age have retained; however, the strength of the species has been diminishing slightly over the millennia, because they have had to live on a world with a lower gravity than their race was used to. Another trait Vampyres have in common with their forebears is a bad reaction to the ultraviolet radiation of our sun, which is far more intense than that of their own. Most of the aliens are also intensely allergic to garlic, but not all of them (nor are all Vampyres). Beyond that there isn't much in common beyond that which is common to most humanoid races. Of course, it should be remembered that most of what you think you know about Vampyres is pure fantasy. They do not have demons living in them. They are not "undead," though they can live, potentially, up to several hundred years (the extremely long-lived might get to be a thousand), something else they have in common with their cousins. They do have reflections, and can be filmed and photographed. Crosses, holy water, wolfsbane and other such things have no affect on them. They can be killed by fire, decapitation, or a stake through the heart just as much as you can. They can also be killed in a great many other ways that you could be. Garlic probably wouldn't kill them, and they can stand exposure to the sun for limited amounts of time.

A colony was established on Earth, in Transylvania, a few hundred years prior to the Sac'tra attack. It was, essentially, an artistic colony, and one which attracted a great many human artists to move there. They've always been a very artistic race, something they had in common with humans.

Being stranded on Earth, with no access to the sorts of medical countermeasures against the environment that they'd had before the attack, they had to do what they could to survive, which in the early days mostly meant staying below ground. Ensuing generations developed something of a suberranean nature, a desire to be in contact with the earth (lower-case "e"), as well as finding ways of surviving and dealing with their biological difficulties, which would have horrified their forebears. But, like the human survivors of the Ice Age, the second generation wasn't informed of their true heritage. And so, much of what is currently believed today by humans about Vampyres, is also believed by the Vampyres themselves.

There are surprisingly few of their race in the Sac'tra, though there are some; there are of course representatives of all races in the Sac'tra (with the possible exception of the Draconians), however many or few those representatives may be. One might think the artistic aspect of the Sac'tra philosophy would appeal to them, but most of them are not so Gothic as Vampyres are supposed to be. (In fact, not quite as many Vampyres as you might think are as Gothic as Vampyres are supposed to be, either.) Most of them seem to think that since art is meant to be enjoyed, it rather defeats the purpose if you go around killing off potential enjoyers of that art.

Their race originally had the ability to shapeshift into various forms of similar size and shape to their own. But normally, they look very human. In fact, modern inhabitants of their homeworld still can assume many different forms, but descendants of those aliens who were stranded on Earth by the Ice Age have lost the greater part of this ability through disuse; early on in the Ice Age, there weren't alot of animals around to mimic, except wolves. And so, that was one of very few alternate forms they assumed. Ensuing generations were unaware any other form was possible to assume, and eventually it became impossible for future generations to assume the forms of anything but wolves. And so began the legend of werewolves.

The full moon means nothing, except that Werewolves might tend to notice that real wolves have got a thing with the moon. Silver bullets will kill them as much as they'll kill anyone. So will other kinds of bullets. But silver reacts badly with their race's blood, so it might give you better odds on killing one, but a regular bullet has about the same chance of killing them as it does a human. When they take the form of a wolf, they still have their own minds, and most likely won't attack without reason. They don't think like wolves or like monsters; they think like people. They're not cannibals, and they like their food cooked, as do most people. So there's really not much reason to fear them. Unless of course you come across one who's gone mad, but you wanna watch out for alot of mad humans, too. Um... I can't think what else to say about Werewolves right now.

Most of their race, both Terran Werewolves and their alien cousins, tend to feel a certain affinity with nature, empathy with other forms of life. While it is generally only the appearance of other creatures they can take on (not necessarily their strengths, abilities, or ways of living and looking at things), they still feel more connected to other creatures than many sentient races do. Xenophobia is largely foreign to them, and they tend to get on well with most alien races. They are one of the least common races in the Sac'tra; though many of them are among the Alliance's greatest philosophers, they tend to have a strong aversion to the Sac'tra philsophy.

non-intelligent creatures


This is a classification of animal which includes, for some reason unknown even to the Alliance or Sac'tra, one indigenous species from each inhabited world. They tend to have eyes that appear to glow in the dark, from the right angle.

Cats, in all their many forms, are from the homeworld of the Greys. You can read a bit about them in my historical overview of Earth's last seven thousand years. IMHO, they are one of the best things their home planet ever produced. They share the curiosity of the Greys, but aren't terribly scientific about their investigations. They also seem to share the Greys' failure to recognize or much care about good and evil. Perhaps the ones who've only known Earth for many generations now have changed somewhat, becoming more friendly and pleasure-oriented, but some things will likely never change.

Dogs, in all their many forms, are from Earth. I'm not quite sure what to say about them.

Chupacabra are from the homeworld of the Werewolves' race, and are probably greatly misunderstood on modern day Earth. It must be understood that they, like all intara'a, are unintelligent. They are wild animals that the dominant race of their world never managed to domesticate, and rarely take any interest in mimicking. But apparently some of the few of that race, in the Sac'tra, like to release wild chupacabra on Earth. Whether this is just for kicks, or part of some plan involving misinformation or the death and destruction of their enemies, or whatever, isn't clear.