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So! You've decided to check out my homepage with frames, have you? (You can still change your mind; just click the "non-frames home" link at left.) I first started using frames here on February 16, 2003, in case you're interested. More work for me whenever I update stuff, but hey, it's nice to give people options. Hard to believe it took me so many years to get around to learning to make frames; and after that, I didn't start using them till I got around to learning to make a collapsible menu tree for the nav frame, a couple weeks later. Anyway, when I first started using frames, my home computer's monitor had a 640x480 resolution, which is so primitive you probably can't even find a new monitor with that setting as an option. So when I recommend you don't use frames without at least an 800x600 res monitor, I doubt it's really going to be an issue for most people... Still, can't hurt to mention it, I suppose.

There might be a few things on the non-frames page not available via the frames page, cuz I'm lazy, and cuz I prefer nonframes. Ha. For the same reasons, I think I'll only make note of updates to the site on the nonframes index. Oh, and btw, it should go without saying that if you see any links at the bottom of any pages that say like "home" or "index" or words to that effect... those links will take you back to the nonframes index, but within the frames here, so... don't bother about that. Obviously, there's a link to the Frames index in the lefthand nav frame, right? Right....

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