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Napoleon Dynamite (PG)
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There's this weird high-school-aged guy named Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder). And he has some weird friends, Deb (Tina Majorino) and Pedro. And some weird relatives, his older brother Kip, and Uncle Rico (Jon Gries). And they all do weird things. And it's all kinda random and pointless. Y'know, I sort of vaguely wanted to see this for some time, partly because a lot of people I know seem to really like it, but it wasn't exactly high on my list of priorities. But I guess someone recommended it to my sister, so she rented it (and I probably enjoyed it more than she did). I didn't catch the very beginning cuz I was doing stuff online, but I saw most of it. I'm glad to have done so, now. Don't feel the slightest interest in ever seeing it again. It's not bad. It had some mildly funny bits, but mostly it was just weird. I can like weird, but this I thought was mostly sort of boring weird. Not boring in a bad way, though I usually hate boring. Just boring in a weird way. Y'know? It was sort of interesting in a boring sort of way... or vice versa.... Oh, and I just read a bit of the Wikipedia page on the movie. It says the characters' behaviors border on Asperger's Syndrome, which doesn't surprise me, since while watching it I found myself hoping I'm not too much like them. But I probably am. And I have that, sort of, maybe, so... whatever.... *sigh* I dunno, though, maybe I will try watching it again someday. Maybe I'd even like it better the second time. Or not.

Eight years after the movie came out, there was a spin-off animated TV series which was cancelled after six episodes, none of which I watched.

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