I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Jawbreaker (R)
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Not only don't I remember it well enough to rate it, I don't really remember it well enough to be sure of what category to put it in. It's definitely a dark comedy... but kinda weird, I'm sure. And since the plot is reminiscent of the much better Heathers (which came out like 11 years before this, and to which this movie is often compared), I might as well put my Jawbreaker review in the same category as that. (Although it's possible I saw this before I saw Heathers, I'm not sure.)

There are these popular girls. The most popular girl in school is Liz Purr. The movie starts with her being kidnapped by her friends as a birthday prank. One of them, Courtney Shayne (Rose McGowan), puts a jawbreaker in her mouth, and tapes it shut, to keep her from screaming. The friends stuff her in the trunk of a car and drive her somewhere, and when they get there, they realize she's died. The jawbreaker went down into her throat and asphyxiated her. They're all shocked, of course; but Courtney is doesn't care as much about the fact that their friend is dead as she does about covering it up. One of the friends, Marcie Fox (Julie Benz), goes along with it, but another, Julie Freeman (Rebecca Gayheart), doesn't want to. She does anyway, for the time being. I want to say... the movie never seemed to address the possibility that Courtney might've wanted Liz to die. I think, well, it's possible. But it's always presented as an accident. Either way, her actions after the fact are um... less than noble.

Anyway, as they're trying to make the death look like a rape/murder, this unpopular classmate named Fern Mayo shows up to deliver homework to the absent Liz, and discovers what's happened. To keep her silent, Courtney and the others give her a makeover, and a new name, Vylette, and she becomes popular. (I might like to see this movie again someday just because Fern was played by Judy Greer, of whom I later became a fan from a bunch of other things, but I don't remember her in this.) Meanwhile, Julie leaves the little clique. And um... maybe I'm giving away too much of the plot. So, I'll just say, it's not a really bad movie, but I didn't think it was that good, either. Yeah, I guess that's all I can think to say....

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