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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
I saw this once, I think, but the only thing I remember about it is not really liking it. Still, I kind of want to give it another chance someday.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (
I'm sure I saw this on TV once, but now I don't remember anything about it.

Barton Fink

Big Top Pee-wee

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Criterion)

Death Becomes Her (Black List)
I'm pretty sure I saw this on TV once. I don't remember how much I liked it (if at all), but I wouldn't mind checking it out again someday.

Saw this on TV once, wouldn't mind seeing it again.

The Doom Generation
I saw this once. Don't remember it well, but I wouldn't mind watching it again. Apparently it's the second movie in a quasi-trilogy, which I probably didn't know when I saw it. I don't think it matters, and I'll probably never see the first or third movies. But I suppose I might.

Drop Dead Fred

Eraserhead (Criterion)

Exit to Eden

The Fall (A.V. Club)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (A.V. Club; Criterion)
Saw this once. I should see it again sometime.


James and the Giant Peach
Saw this once. Wasn't wild about it, but I should give it another chance.

Jellyfish Eyes (Criterion; Dread Central)

A Life Less Ordinary
Saw it once. I'd like to see it again sometime.

The Man Who Fell to Earth (Criterion)

The Man with Two Brains

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Dread Central)

Mom and Dad Save the World (
I might have seen this. Don't remember being wild about it, but I'd like to see it again.

Saw this once. Don't really remember it.

Naked Lunch (Criterion)

Office Space (A.V. Club)
I think I saw a little bit of this on TV once, and probably wasn't that into it (though if I didn't watch the whole thing, I can't remember whether it was because I decided a little ways in that I didn't want to finish it, or because... some other reason prevented me from finishing it). Anyway, it's something I vaguely want to see all of, whether I like it or not, because of its cult status. And because of "That'd be great" memes.

The One I Love

Saw this once, wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Penn & Teller Get Killed

Pippi Longstocking
This is re-edited and dubbed from a Swedish TV series I've never seen, and based on books I've never read. Subsequently there was another film re-edited from the TV series, plus two theatrical films that spun off from the TV series. I think my sister watched at least one of the movies when we were kids, and I vaguely recall seeing a bit of it and thinking it was stupid and annoying, or something like that. But now I feel like I might want to give it another chance, as I might be able to enjoy it on a surrealistic level. If I can manage that with the first movie, I'd probably like to see the others, as well.

Purple People Eater

Repo Man (Criterion; Lost Highway)

The Road to Wellville

Stay Tuned
Probably saw this once. Don't remember being wild about it.

Tale of Tales

The Taste of Tea

Twixt (Dread Central)

UHF (A.V. Club)

Under the Rainbow
I think I may have seen at least part of this movie on TV once, when I was very young (too young to really understand it, probably). Anyway, I don't remember anything about it, and I probably wouldn't like it if I saw it now. But I kind of want to check it out, to see if it's familiar at all, and maybe I'd find it mildly nostalgic, or something.

Who's Harry Crumb?
Saw this once. Wouldn't mind seeing it again.

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