tek's rating: meh and a half

Casper Meets Wendy (PG)
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This is the second direct-to-video sequel to Casper (I didn't see the first sequel), but the only characters from that movie are Casper and the Ghostly Trio (Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie). And I think they were all voiced by different actors. The only actor returning from the first movie is Cathy Moriarty, and she's playing a different character this time. Anyway, there's no mention of the other characters from the first movie or anything that happened. Casper and his uncles go on vacation, coincidentally to the same place where a young witch named Wendy (Hilary Duff, before she became famous for Lizzie McGuire) is hiding out with her three aunts. They're on the run from an evil warlock named Desmond Spellman, whose magic mirror told him Wendy will become more powerful than he is. He sends a couple of guys to find Wendy, who look like cheap "Men in Black" knockoffs and converse like cheap "Pulp Fiction" knockoffs. Anyway, there's this whole thing about ghosts and witches being enemies, but Casper and Wendy become friends, and try to get their aunts and uncles to like each other. And eventually they all have to work together against Spellman. That's about it. Not a great movie, but more bearable than I might've expected.

When I first did this review, I rated it one smiley, but looking back now, I can't remember the movie well enough to care, so I'm bumping it down to "meh and a half." This might be unfair, and if I ever saw it again I might restore the old rating, but I really have no plans to ever see it again, so....

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