supernatural & paranormal movies

The supernatural portion of this section is for either un-scary or not-very-scary movies about things like ghosts, witches, the afterlife/religion, and possibly things like vampires or other monsters, if there's more than one type of monster or if the characters simply aren't particularly monstrous. Some of the movies I list here may have some scares in them, but not enough that I consider them "horror" movies. And some of them may border on being fantasy films rather than strictly supernatural, but I do my best to figure out which section to put my reviews in.

"Paranormal" movies involve things like aliens, ESP, time travel, mutants, etc. Things that are outside the realm of "normal" science, but not actually supernatural. Some of the movies border on being science fiction, but again, I do my best to determine which section to put my reviews in. And again, they may or may not be somewhat scary.

Supernatural horror is for scary movies about ghosts, witches, magic, demons, etc. Basically anything occult.

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