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Career Opportunities (PG-13)
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I think this is supposed to just be a comedy, but I took parts of it sort of seriously enough to consider it a dramedy. Anyway, there's this guy named Jim Dodge, who lives at home though he's old enough to be out on his own. He keeps getting fired from all his jobs. This seems to be because he is the town liar- but don't call him that, he doesn't seem to like it. Anyway, he's fairly entertaining. In a way he kinda reminds me of Ferris Bueller.

Anyway, he gets a job as night clean-up boy at Target, and while he's all alone overnight, goofing off, it turns out that this local rich girl, Josie McClellan (played by Jennifer Connelly), is in the store too. She says she fell asleep while contemplating shop lifting. She wanted to get arrested to like, annoy her dad or whatever. Neither Jim nor Josie is particularly happy with their lives. They talk. They have fun together. I found a lot of the conversations in this movie interesting, enough that I can almost consider this a serious character study as much as a comedy.

Then a couple of robbers show up in the store and Jim and Josie have to deal with them. I thought the movie went downhill with this twist, for the most part. But there were still some okay bits, and the end was okay too. I suppose the movie was worth watching once, because I liked these two characters, but on the whole, the movie wasn't that good. It's a shame the characters couldn't have been in a better movie.

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