This means a movie is a more or less equal blend of drama and comedy Of course some comedies can have dramatic elements, and some dramas can have humorous elements, but they can generally be seen as mostly one genre or the other, and so be classified as such. However, whether a movie qualifies as "seriocomedy" (or "dramedy" or "comedy-drama," whichever term you prefer) can be somewhat subjective. You can get an idea of what qualifies by checking lists on Wikipedia or TV Tropes, but some of the things they list, I won't include in this section, whether because I consider them more "comedy" or "drama," or because I think they fit better into more specific genres, such as quirky or romantic, etc. On the other hand, there may be some movies I do include here, but other sites don't consider dramedy, because they consider them more comedy or drama. Like I said, it's a bit subjective. I'll just do my best to decide what movies fit where.

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