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Star Trek: First Contact (PG-13)
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Hey, Geordi's got ocular implants now. No more VISOR. All the great alternate kinds of vision the VISOR had, but also, like, actual sight. So hurray.

That is, I recall, pretty much the plot of the movie. Oh yeah, there was something about Zefram Cochrane (James Cromwell). I think fans got upset about his having been from Earth, when the original series clearly said he was from Alpha Centauri. But yadda yadda, I guess he just retired to Alpha Centauri, whatevs. Meanwhile, the Borg invade Earth in the past, right as Vulcans are about to make first contact with humanity. So the timeline is in jeopardy, our heroes have to follow them back through time to fix things. It had some nice humor and some cool action and whatnot. Also a new ship for our crew, the Enterprise-E. Yay. Anyway not bad. But of course I have to rewatch it sometime. I'm sure there must have been some problems with the movie as well as plenty of good stuff. One problem was probably that it sort of vaguely led to Enterprise. Shuh.

Anyways, review to come.

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