tek's rating: ½

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (PG)
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This is probably the second most comedic Trek movie, after Star Trek IV. Personally I love the humor in it, and I love all the Kirk-Spock-McCoy scenes. But many fans disapproved of the comedy, and I suppose of some of the more "serious" aspects, as well. Even Gene Roddenberry considered the film apocryphal (or at least some things within, most notably the very existence of the character Sybok, without whom, obviously, there would be no plot). And I am not inclined to disagree with the series' creator; in fact, I like to pick and choose things from throughout the Star Trek franchise to personally consider apocryphal. But regardless, those things (and this film) are generally considered canon. So I allow myself to accept it both ways. Either way, I don't really care, I still think that on the whole, it was an entertaining movie. Some things were just weird, or even impossible, but I still enjoyed the humor, the drama, the action, and the bonding between the characters. Still, I must say it's one of my least favorite Star Trek movies.

That said, review to come.

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