tek's rating: meh and a half

The Glass House (PG-13)
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Ruby Baker (Leelee Sobieski) comes home late one night after having fun with some friends, and police are there. They tell her that her parents have died in a car accident. She and her little brother, Rhett, move in with some old family friends, Terry and Erin (Diane Lane) Glass. They have a really nice place, very big and expensive, and get Rhett lots of video games. But Ruby soon becomes uncomfortable with the way Terry acts.

At first it seems like he might have a sexual interest in her. However, it soon turns out there are instead even worse things to worry about. Terry owes a million dollars to loan sharks, and Erin, a doctor, has become a junkie. Ruby and Rhett have a $4 million trust fund, and it becomes apparent that Terry wants to get his hands on it. It also begins to seem he may be responsible for the kids' parents' death. Ruby has no one she can trust, except the trust lawyer (gosh, what a fun movie to put a pun in!) who turns out to be less trustworthy than she'd thought. So... I dunno. The movie was okay, I guess. Not something I feel the need to see again, though.

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