tek's rating: meh and a half

Cursed (R / unrated)
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I watched this because Christina Ricci is in it. There were other familiar people too. Ricci played a woman named Ellie, who worked on the Craig Kilborn Show, so Craig was in it briefly as himself, and Scott Baio as himself, a potential guest on the show. Ellie was dating a guy named Jake, played by Joshua Jackson from "Dawson's Creek," who was opening a club called Tinsel, with all kinds of movie props (mostly horror movies, apparently), like Planet Hollywood. Judy Greer was in it as... I dunno, Baio's agent or something, I guess. There was another guy named Kyle who worked with Ellie, and he was played by Michael Rosenbaum but it took me awhile to recognize him... he looked and sounded familiar, but it took awhile because he had hair. Portia de Rossi was also in the movie briefly, as a fortuneteller. Of course, there were plenty of people I didn't know, too.

Ellie and her brother Jimmy (who's in high school) had a dog named Zipper. Jimmy was out walking him when he ran into a girl he knows (who doesn't know him) named Brooke. They hit it off, sort of, but she was dating a total jerk named Bo (Milo Ventimiglia). We'll see the two of them a few times throughout the movie, and Bo always picks on Jimmy, though eventually... uh, that changes. But first, there are bigger changes in store in this movie. Ellie is driving Jimmy home at night, when they get in a car accident, and a werewolf kills a woman who was in the other car, and it bites both Ellie and Jimmy. I'll tell you right now, we don't really get to see either of them full-on change into werewolves, but they do start to change, somewhat. Jimmy starts researching werewolf lore as soon as they get home, but Ellie spends a lot of the movie denying that anything's going on.

I dunno what else to say. Except there are two werewolves they'll have to fight. And um, I dunno, there are elements that remind me slightly of Teen Wolf and those that remind me slightly of The Lost Boys. But this movie is actually nowhere near as good as either of those movies. It's okay I guess, but fairly forgettable.

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