tek's rating: ½

Pump Up the Volume (R)
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Well, there's this guy named Mark (Christian Slater), who has just moved from the east coast to some boring little town in the midwest. The school he goes to has a crooked principal who has been unfairly expelling students in order to keep the school's average grades up, or something. This is the main problem with the town. Meanwhile, all the kids are listening to this pirate radio DJ calling himself Happy Harry Hard-on. Who is actually Mark, of course. He talks about all the bad things going on, whenever he's not playing music or cracking wise or pretending to jerk off on the air. All the kids love him, but he's occasionally conflicted about his whole pirate radio thing, especially after one of his listeners kills himself. All the adults hate him, especially school officials, and of course it gets worse after the suicide. Eventually they call in the FCC to find and catch Harry. There's also a girl named Nora (Samantha Mathis) who is Harry's biggest fan, and finds out who he is, and they get involved. Well, it's a fairly amusing and thought-provoking movie, and one of those things that makes me feel inspired while watching it, and for about 5 minutes after it ends....

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